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October 27, 2006

Henrik Stenson


GORDON SIMPSON: Henrik, it's hard enough to make five birdies in a round any time in Valderrama, but five in a row is a very impressive feat. Do you want to just start off by telling us what you were doing all of a sudden?

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, as you all can see on the results, I mean, it's a tough day out there. Valderrama is a good course no matter what conditions. No, I just thought when it got really ugly out there, I'd just start to chip in. I pitched in from 25 yards on 13; hit a wedge to ten feet on 14; and then on 15, I lashed a 2 iron that came off only 30 yards short of the pin, so it went about 180 yards with a good 2 iron down the hill there. It was ridiculous the conditions there. And then I pitched that one in as well. And I had a 9 iron to about 20 feet on 16 and a sand iron to seven, eight feet on 17. So it wasn't harder than that.

GORDON SIMPSON: 3 putts in five holes, that's not bad, is it.

HENRIK STENSON: No, just a remarkably good spell there for five holes.

GORDON SIMPSON: And it's put you in very, very strong position for the weekend.

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I just hoping to go out there and shoot under par like I did yesterday and continue to hopefully move up the leaderboard, and with that round, I certainly did. Yeah, I'm just in a nice spot.

Q. How difficult were the conditions?

HENRIK STENSON: No, it was driving rain and really strong winds there. So I mean, when you hit a decent 2 iron 180 yards downhill

Q. You actually hit it?

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, yeah, I was happy with it and I thought it could have had a chance and came up 20 yards short of the green. It was ridiculous how strong the wind was. It was one of the fronts passing by, just rain and wind.

Q. How far did you hit your 2 iron?

HENRIK STENSON: A bit further. Yeah, the 2 iron should be easy, 230 yards and it went like 50 yards shorter than that. It was gusty and strong and rainy and cold and it was just like you expect in Spain. (Laughter).

Q. Not a good afternoon to be playing golf?

HENRIK STENSON: Maybe not. If I chip in and stuff, it's fine.

Q. Did any brave family members stay out to watch you?

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I've got my outlaws in. (Laughter) Yeah, they live down here part of the year, so they have been out watching me. They are waiting for me.

Q. Do you think God wants an Irishman to win the Order of Merit? (Laughter)

HENRIK STENSON: I think He wants He would have liked a Swede to win it. No, I saw that Padraig played well today and he put himself right back in the game and that was nice. David is probably still having a shot at it as well with a good finish on the weekend.

There's still a lot of golf to be played, especially if the weather keeps on being tough, a lot of things can happen. So we'll see what He wants on Sunday.

Q. If Robert is up there, are they Swedish team orders?

HENRIK STENSON: Don't be ridiculous. Of course it is team orders. (Laughter).

GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you, well played.

End of FastScripts.

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