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November 7, 2002

Brian Davis


Q. Good start again. Over the last few weeks, your game seems to be going the right direction again.

BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, everyone says since I got married. I mean, I was playing well before I got married. Since I started working with Pete a couple of months ago.

Q. Peter Mitchell, the Tour pro?


Q. How did you get together with him?

BRIAN DAVIS: I knew he was teaching a couple of guys, and I wanted someone local, and went to see him and he's been helping me out since.

Q. Is that what he's been doing since he's finished with the tour, coaching?

BRIAN DAVIS: He had a bad back, back problems, and he had to back up a little bit. I think he's thinking about maybe coming out a bit.

His teaching is going so well. He's got a lot of guys now coaching, he's doing probably more, he says, than when he was playing.

But he's made a big difference to me. It's nice to have someone that knows what it's like to stand out there on the fairway.

Q. That makes a difference.

BRIAN DAVIS: It does. It makes a big difference. And mentally, he knows what you're going through.

Q. Does he live quite close to you?

BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, an hour's drive, in Kent. It's perfect for me. It's just paying dividends since I've been with him.

Q. How long have you been with him?

BRIAN DAVIS: Probably two, two and a half months now. He's made a big difference to my game and I hope it continues.

Q. In what respect, does he channel his energy into one particular area with you?

BRIAN DAVIS: No. He's totally changed my swing and he's totally changed my putting. The only thing he's probably left alone is my chipping and bunker play because that's always been good.

The big change has probably been the swing and the putting.

Q. That's a big change to make in big season, is it not?

BRIAN DAVIS: Well, if you've missed eight cuts in a row, you can't ever see making a cut again, you think to yourself, "Well, what have I got to lose?" It can't get any worse than this.

It probably makes it a lot easier because you think to yourself that it can't get any worse. You only have positive things going forward. I made it probably at the right time and it's made a big difference. Obviously, I'm looking to finish this season up strong.

Q. You're taking a lot of positives out of tournaments at the moment?

BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, and I'm playing pretty good. I'm putting good. Mentally, I'm not stressed out off the course because I don't have to work on it myself. My coach had been in Florida and I would only see him a few times, the main part of the season. Most of the time I'd be out there with a camera every week, and it puts more pressure on you mentally. Sometimes you need someone to say, that's it, and you can go ahead and just play. It makes a big difference, not so much physically, but mentally, it makes a big difference.

Q. Anything under 70 on this course is pretty reasonable, isn't it?

BRIAN DAVIS: Yes, it is. The greens are so soft at certain points that you are just spinning the ball back on the green. Coming in the last few holes there, were a couple of greens that were rock hard. It makes life a little bit difficult.

I was 2-over after three. I double-bogeyed the third and that's how it goes. Then I played pretty good and missed a couple of putts.

Then on 8, I hit a good wedge and spun it back off the green and chipped it in. It was a pretty simple chip.

9, I hit 6-iron to about four feet and made birdie.

10, I hit it just over the back of the green just off the edge and chipped it in.

Par 5, I hit a driver there, pitched it up 12 feet and holed it.

Then I actually missed from about 3 1/2, four feet on the par -3 12th for birdie. I had a spot mark on my line and tried to run it over and kicked it right.

Then I missed about 15-foot on the next and 12-foot on the next. I lost a little bit of momentum and holed a great putt on the par 3. I hit the green and raced it past and holed that coming back.

Obviously on the last, hit my shot left and the shot was only a one-shot play; so it made it a little bit easier for me and I was able to get up-and-down.

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