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October 26, 2006

Richard Green


RICHARD GREEN: Good, solid round of golf. I putted well had a little bit of luck here and there, saved some good pars and putted well. It was brutal, but I had some good concentration.

Q. And that one going in at the last, a good one?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, second shot in there was blazing, you know, but birdie up and enough to knock in a 4 footer for birdie there. Just tops the day off, doesn't it, nicely.

Q. One of your best rounds around here, is it?

RICHARD GREEN: Definitely, definitely.

Q. It's not often you get around here without a bogey.

RICHARD GREEN: It's a tricky course. Like I said before, it's one of those challenges that I kind of like. You plug away around par around here, you can still be there at the end of the week. There's a lot of guys that are going to make mistakes and have bad rounds. If you're always chipping away around par, 1 under, 1 over par, 2 under, you can always finish up there pretty close. Hopefully I gave myself a bit of a start and just keep it going.

Q. Is this the finish for you this week?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I've got the Australian Open and Australian Masters and New Zealand Open and Australian PGA to play, and with the good break I've just had, can press on.

Q. How long will you be in Australia?

RICHARD GREEN: Six weeks. It's a lot of time off. With the way the schedule is for the Aussie boys, we don't stop. It's important to me, the Australian Order of Merit as well and a result there. Have to wait and see what comes of it. I think I'm fourth or fifth on the Money List there with a chance to win that at the end of the year, too.

Q. Nice if you go to Shanghai, too, maybe?

RICHARD GREEN: Maybe. Depends on the result here.

Q. Most of the guys this week, it's a reward for the season. Is that the way that you look at it?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, it's a great tournament and it's always fun to come and play. You know, it's what the guys try to set their goals on for the year is to get in this tournament and play. It would be awesome to keep plugging away and be close on Sunday.

There's been a couple of chances I feel I let slip. I let slip in Dubai and obviously the Dutch, Simon had the luck there. But could easily have turned into two wins there. Is.

Q. Johnnie Walker?

RICHARD GREEN: Johnnie Walker in Perth was a good week. I've always liked it around the vines there, I had a chance on Sunday but things happen. But two thirds in a row was good, a second, a fourth somewhere else, I can't remember; Austria.

Q. How much are you preparing for the Australian summer?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, I think a break, and just getting back into playing again and getting into it, that's more the way I see it. I don't feel mentally fresh after a break. Physically the golf is there, it's working great. It's just a matter of just getting back into the mode of it all and we'll see what happens.

End of FastScripts.

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