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October 28, 2004

Brian Davis


Q. Would the highlight of your round be the two chip-ins?

BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, the par 3, the short one if you miss it long, you're dead. You're lucky if you make 5, and I holed it. I missed a couple of tiny putts on 8 and 9 which really stopped me in my tracks, but I hit some good shots and made a couple of good birdies on the back nine. I chipped in on 16 and very happy with the round because yesterday I was not playing well at all.

Q. You shot 66 last time; how important is local knowledge on this particular course?

BRIAN DAVIS: You've got to know it because there's so much elevation. And it's windy today and it's very hard to get the clubs right, so you're going to struggle to make pars. You've got to know this place and you've got to keep the ball low.

Q. What hole should we look out for on the back nine in particular?

BRIAN DAVIS: Every one of them. At any moment if you hit a little loose shot around here, you can hit anything. I played well last year and that's why I had a chance to win on the last day. This course really shows that if you don't stroke it well, you really can struggle.

Q. This course requires total concentration but you were fine with that today.

BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, I stayed in Spain after Madrid and I think that was good. Just not getting on a plane every two minutes is nice. I think that made a little bit of a difference, as well, just to drive down.

Q. Playing in the Masters, what did you learn that you can take into next year?

BRIAN DAVIS: A hell of a lot, really. I also had baby, and the timing was around the Masters, where I played a lot before it and tried to play after, it was a big disappointment not making the Ryder Cup. It was one of my goals and I'm upset about that, but you have to move on and you have to look at future things, which for me is Top-50. If I could win this week, it would get me around Top-50 and I'd be up for the big events next year. I've said all along, I've never played an event before a major in America, apart from the U.S. PGA Championship this year. I think that going over and just playing the one event is very, very tough when you're coming from Europe. You need to go over there and play a few, and that's the only one that I did was play the week before. Next year hopefully I'll go over the week before and that will make a difference.

Q. What did you feel about this year, unfortunate?

BRIAN DAVIS: Lucky; with my wife's condition and the pregnancy, from that respect. Obviously, from a golfing point of view, disappointed. One of my goals to make the Ryder Cup and that was a big, big disappointment for me. But you've got to learn from your mistakes, and my mistake was playing too much and trying to make the team instead of playing quality not quantity. I made that decision after the Open. I was at my wit's end after the Open, and I took the Irish Open and the Scandinavia off. I was just going to make the cut and pick up payments, which is not going to get you on the team. I had a chance at the PGA a to make the team. That gave me a chance and having a couple of weeks off. I came back a little bit early after the baby, but overall, I've struggled a little bit mentally, trying to play to make the team, and sort of lost my focus on what I was doing really.

Q. You're not the first person to go down that path.

BRIAN DAVIS: There's plenty of guys doing that, and obviously the baby as well. Our life is all about routine and with routine changes, that can mess you up a bit because this game is all mental. We're all good players, but you've got to have that edge upstairs and I haven't had that.

It's nice to have a good start. I wasn't playing particularly well yesterday at this course, but you've just got to play every short as it comes. Today I hit a perfect tee shot down 8 and I was stuck down by the tree. That can happen out here a lot.

Q. So were you to win here, that would make it a fantastic year?

BRIAN DAVIS: I've won once this year; had a great year last year and didn't win. What do you class a good year? You have Order of Merits and World Rankings to show that. I've slipped in the World Rankings a bit, but higher in the Order of Merit. Overall, my caddie said to me last week, he said, six months, we played terrible and to play terrible for six months and still have a cans to make the Ryder Cup Team, still be inside the Top-30 as I was, you know, that's a good sign.

Q. Life is also about family as well, isn't it.

BRIAN DAVIS: You've got to try to balance the two, and obviously it's a big thing that happens in anybody's life whether you play golf or not. But with the traveling, I'm not someone that can go home and see his family five or six days a week.

Q. A lot to build on.

BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, I'm looking forward to next year. I have a few ideas I'm going to do.

Q. More time in America?

BRIAN DAVIS: More time in America, and also on the fitness side, I found it very hard. I was working out at the start of the year and felt great, and when the baby came along, I was just so tired to work out and I neglected it a bit. In an effort to make the Ryder Cup Team, I didn't work out, things just went badly. We moved now and got a gym put in the house, those kind of things, which I think will make a difference, because it's all about time.

Q. When did you move?

BRIAN DAVIS: A few weeks ago.

Q. Where?

BRIAN DAVIS: Camberly.

Q. Why?

BRIAN DAVIS: We're just looking all around that area and just found a great house and that was it. Between Heathrow and Gatwick. That extra hour and a half, it makes a big difference now. Now that extra hour, it makes all the difference.

End of FastScripts.

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