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October 26, 2006

Niclas Fasth


Q. Great start 3 under par after five. On this golf course what's your mind set then?

NICLAS FASTH: You just try to keep playing. You know it's not going to be easy to stay away from bogeys all the way around here. It's a demanding course and it takes patience. So unless you're playing fantastic, you're going to get in trouble at least a couple of times in a round like this. I did get a great start but I did play well throughout the round. A few mistakes but not too much.

Q. 2 under with three to play, delighted I would imagine into get a couple of birdies in there. What was the key to that success?

NICLAS FASTH: It was fantastic. The finish, obviously delighted with it. I hit a really good second shot into 16, holed a decent putt, and 17 again, just played nice and steady. Wedged it into, what, seven feet. Had a good chance on 18 as well. I played solid golf today. Very few mistakes. But there's always going to be some.

Q. Did you fancy your chances when you saw the way the course is playing?

NICLAS FASTH: Well, I didn't think about it. This course is going to be difficult however it's playing. I've generally done well when it's dry here, for some reason I do well when it's tough.

But the greens are a bit more receptive. You'll see more birdies than some of the other years we've played but it's still tough.

Q. Winning takes it out of people, sometimes they don't perform very well coming off a win; you're in a great mood?

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, of course I'm in a great mood. But I've been shattered after a couple of my other wins. But this time I played 18, nice and relaxed, and didn't have to go through a playoff for once. So it takes less out of you, but of course, it takes some refocus.

Q. Tell me, how good today?

NICLAS FASTH: Today just another solid round of golf. I played really well. Not too many mistakes. This is again a very demanding course, tight, you need to be very straight, and at least the greens are fairly receptive.

So as I was playing well, I got a few birdie chances to be fair, and holed my fair share on the greens today. It was much better. Quite happy with that. You know, a good score from solid par.

Q. You weren't entirely enamoured about your first few rounds in Mallorca, yet you got wonderful results, wouldn't it be wonderful if it works out the same?

NICLAS FASTH: No, I'm quite happy about my better performance in Mallorca. I didn't feel I was scoring as well as I should have, but I'll take a win any, day and I would this week, but I'm sure it's going to take a lot.

Q. I saw you at Malaga airport on Monday, and the glamour of the golfing life. You just won the previous day, and there you were waiting for the luggage like everybody else. Were you able to celebrate at all?

NICLAS FASTH: Oh, yeah. I stayed in Mallorca on Sunday night with some friends, caddie, we had a lovely time. I didn't go out until the afternoon on Monday. It was nice and relaxed, and it's actually helped me to regroup for this week, as well, I imagine.

Q. And you have the business head on very quickly afterwards?

NICLAS FASTH: Well, yeah, I think so.

Q. As things are at this event, you've got a good record, we spoke about this in the past, you tend to like it around here, don't you?

NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I've played all right here a few times. I tend to do well on tough courses, and this is certainly one, that's been the tendency in the past, anyway. So, okay, it works for me. On this course, we shall see. It's very demanding. Again, I'm playing well and that's all you can ask.

Q. How about a Spanish treble?

NICLAS FASTH: We'll shall see about it. In that case I'll have to move here, won't I?

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