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October 23, 2006

Nate Robertson


Q. We just asked Jim Leyland about the fact that you will not have pitched for two weeks when you do take the mound tomorrow, and he said, "We don't know what to expect from him, I really don't know what I'll get." What do you think you're capable of after a two-week layoff?
NATE ROBERTSON: I've thrown a couple of sides since my start in Oakland, and for a pitcher, it's feel. Obviously it's different with hitters, and there's a different type of intensity when you have a hitter in the box obviously in this type of a situation. But I feel pretty good.
In my side two days ago it went really well. So I don't think there will be anything that would be -- where two weeks is going to affect me that much.

Q. Do you have any experience in pitching with this long a layoff and is it possible that this time of the year the ability to just take that time to recharge can really be beneficial?
NATE ROBERTSON: Actually, the rest that I got these last couple of weeks has been great. We were kind of talking about it the other day with Spring Training adding on innings, I'm looking at somewhere around 240 innings. So it's nice to have a little bit of a break.
During the All-Star break I think I had about a ten-day layoff and I responded okay in that start.

Q. With the advent of interleague play there's really no mystery to ballparks anymore, guys cross leagues and stuff. But this unusual situation, you're in a World Series game in a park virtually none of you have ever played on. How does that impact what you're going to see the next couple of days, and what do you want to learn about this place today being in a workout?
NATE ROBERTSON: I don't know how this field is set up, how it favors -- whether it favors righties or lefties, and with the alleys. I guess I'd be really concerned about that if I'm leaving the ball up and the guys are putting it out of the park. But hopefully I can keep my pitches down and that won't be a factor as far as the dimensions. And just check and see how the infield grass is cut.
You'll be able to tell whether the ball is going to move a little quicker or not, if it's thick or if it's short. That's about it. I don't play too much into what ballparks are going to do with me. I've got to go out there with my approach.

Q. Jim Leyland just said a second ago that he was shocked that Justin lost so much velocity the other night. From your perspective and knowing him the way you do, what was your take on the fact that he was throwing slower than in the regular season?
NATE ROBERTSON: He's young and, shoot, I think a lot of us would react the same way in his position. He's never been that deep into a season, pitched this late in the year, had that many innings. And throwing in the Big Leagues is a little different than throwing anywhere else. It's a little more taxing. I don't know how to explain that. He's put a full season in, and just might be a little bit of fatigue, I don't know. It's a long year. We have to do a lot.

Q. When you look at the Cardinals, do they compare to any other team you faced this year or is it totally different?
NATE ROBERTSON: Well, I've only faced a couple of guys that will be in their lineup tomorrow and other than that I wouldn't be able to compare them with anybody else. I can only compare lineups with other lineups I've faced, and I have to face them at least once to do a comparison.
A lot of guys in that lineup I haven't faced, but I do know you better respect that lineup. And I have my ultimate respect towards not just the middle of that order, but from top to bottom. The bottom line is to go out there with an idea of what I'm trying to do and make pitches.

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