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October 21, 2006

Justin Rose


Q. Is there some sense of relief, as much as you're fighting out there, that you're still very much right in the hunt, and you sort of got today over with and you're still right there?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yes, I guess so.

Q. Or disappointment? I don't know.

JUSTIN ROSE: The way the last two holes panned out, it's a little disappointing. Obviously I was back right in the hunt, and Troy had a great finish. I just slipped up a little. It wasn't great today at all. I just wasn't quite on the boil and didn't create that many birdie chances. Well, I probably did, actually, I hit a lot of putts today. I didn't make that many putts, even though I hit some good putts. It was a day where I had to be really patient, hang in there. And especially being 2 over through nine, I felt I did a decent job of just hanging in there.

Q. The nature of golf says this is not a surprise. It's very, very difficult to get a hot hand and keep it. There's always going to be one round that you have to battle through. Do you almost accept that going in and just wonder when it's going to happen?

JUSTIN ROSE: No, I don't think you accept it. I think you believe if you keep doing everything right and you keep doing the same things, and you create the right mindset, that you can keep playing great golf. It shouldn't disappear. I just feel like a couple of things maybe fundamentally got a little bit ragged today, my setup, and my lines away from the ball maybe. I didn't feel as comfortable today. It was a day to grind it out. I'm two back. I have a chance to go low tomorrow and put some pressure on the guys.

Q. This Matteson kid who nobody really knew much about seven days ago looks like he can play a little bit. What did you see when you were out there and what is his on course persona like?

JUSTIN ROSE: He's calm. Nothing seems to phase him too much. Obviously he proved that last week by winning. He's riding a crest of a wave right now. But yes, he looks pretty calm and relaxed out there.

Q. You were part of the shoot out last year. Do you expect kind of the same thing looking the way it finished today?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yes. You just look at the scoreboard today and see how many guys shot low numbers and how bunched it is really. Anybody from 14 under, if they shoot a good round, maybe even lower obviously, but 14 under, if they go out and play well tomorrow they have a good chance to win. That's probably 15 odd guys. That's pretty much 20 guys in a shoot out tomorrow, yes.

Q. (No microphone.)

JUSTIN ROSE: I was behind the eight ball. I didn't have much of a shot. I was just trying to hit a low hook from under the tree. And sometimes when you're in the rough, it's tough to get the ball spinning. You can't get enough spin on the ball. I wasn't going to chip it out sideways at that point. If it was a realistic shot yeah, I flirted with the hazard all the way up that hole, so I can't really argue with making bogey, you know.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Justin Rose, thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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