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September 19, 1998

Laura Davies

Charlotta Sorenstam


Q. Lotta, how much fun is it to get this win?

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Just playing was fun. I want to win, so it's very good.

Q. Last year -- or two years ago, Europeans were down early and made a great rally on Saturday, just like you made today?


Q. Thank you. You played brilliantly together today, you really a team now?

LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, we fit it in great and after one and-a-half points, we were hoping we'd have had two by now, but one and-a-half is not bad out of two. You know, maybe we'll play again this afternoon. I'm not quite sure what the captain's got planned. I'm hoping we'll both get a game because we're playing very well and Lotta is just hitting everything straight down the middle, starting to putt really well. I'm not quite making them yet, but hopefully I'll be there this afternoon making a few.

Q. You said yesterday you'd never quit. Is this the start of a come back, do you think?

LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, it is. If we can certainly hang onto that last match and definitely get a result in the 3rd match, you know, because we'll only be one point down going into lunch. And I think this afternoon we're ready to take it up, take the lead.

Q. Lotta, I've got to tell you something. You guys were brilliant today. I think you're getting the hang of this thing.

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah, me, too. I like it.

Q. Do you feel like you played well and Laura played well together?

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I thought I played better yesterday. Made more bad shots today. But we kind of did -- played bad on the same hole, so it didn't really matter.

Q. Keep it up. Thank you. Why is this a good team with you and Laura?

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Well, I think everything works. We had fun. We'd make jokes now and then; feels comfortable. Just, her game is so different. Like, the drive she hit on 11. I didn't want to hit it. She asked me if I wanted to hit it, go for it. And I said, Not if I have those trees in front of me. And then she hit it over the left side. Yeah, I'll go for it.

Q. How far did she hit it? Do you have any idea?

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: It must have been 300. Yeah. Matt said about 290. He wasn't positive.

Q. Can you talk about your putting? You must be putting very well.

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah. Even though the putts -- the putts, I felt like I hit them good. Yesterday I hit a couple of putts that I didn't feel like hitting them good. But today, it rolled in and then it felt great.

Q. Does this give you even more confidence going into the afternoon?

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah, I just need some lunch. Cheer the others up.

Q. Your overall impressions of this victory.

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Well, it's only one of four. So we'll just keep on going.

Q. (Inaudible.)

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah, we had a lot of fun together, all of us. And all the caddies are very sweet together every day. Just feels like a team.

Q. (Inaudible.)

CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Well, the same things as she said in the beginning. We just have to believe in ourselves and take one shot at a time.

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