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October 19, 2006

Roger Federer


Q. You said the other day that you don't like Hawkeye. Did you change your mind today at the end of the match?
ROGER FEDERER: Look, I don't know if it's going to make a difference on the score in the end. Without Hawkeye I would have broken him in the first set because the call would have stand.
So I would have won the first set probably easier. After that, look, it turned out to be a crazy end. I thought it was really funny, especially waiting like this for the match point. This has never happened before. It's kind of silly, but -- I think it was funny.

Q. So you're in favor of it now?
ROGER FEDERER: I won't. I will never be.

Q. I suppose you must be pleased with the way you served. You had some problems to break him. Is it because of his big serve, or could you do something better?
ROGER FEDERER: I of course always tried to make sure I hold my serves easy or just try to stay on top. I was able to do that. That put, obviously, the pressure on him. I had a couple of chances in the first set and too many more chances in the second set.
I thought if I might get a bit more lucky here and there or read his serve a little better, maybe things would have gone my way. All you can do is give yourself as many chances as possible, and eventually you're going to break through. You hang in there. It got really close. I almost got broken to lose a set in the tie breaker. I didn't think it was possible. But I think by putting always a lot of pressure, he starts to feel it in the tie breakers. Maybe that's why he double faulted in the first set and maybe that's why he crumbled in the second set as well.
The hard work does pay off eventually, but I had to play well today. That's for sure.

Q. Do you feel that your reputation, is a big help in tie breakers, that people think that it's Federer, I have to do more than everybody else?
ROGER FEDERER: Not really because it depends so much on the start of the breaker usually. Because if you're up you can take some more chances. If you're down you have to play so safe, try to come back, really hope for a good serve.
So I would think that -- the tie breaker is always very open. I think an experienced player has an edge. And that's what I am. I consider myself an experienced player. That then sometimes can work in your favor because you've been under pressure situations.
But it has nothing really to do with a tie break. It has more to do in those moments where you know, I would really love to have a serve right now, I would really love my forehand to work. The more you put your stuff yourself in the position. That's how I play.

Q. My last question is about Ginepri. What do you think about Ginepri?
ROGER FEDERER: I played him I think last time it was in Cincinnati last year. It was a really close match. I don't remember playing him -- maybe once at the Open years ago on Louis Armstrong. And he's really improved a lot the last couple of years. He's had a bit of a struggle because he was, I think, really playing well mid last year when he plays the semis of the Open.
And I think he's a tough player, especially indoors. He serves pretty well. He returns aggressive, always takes the ball early and has a great back hand. So I have to make sure I play another good match and serve well. If you serve well here, it really pays off.

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