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October 19, 2006

Yadier Molina

Jeff Suppan


Q. You talked a lot about how the same approach, same game, all the same, how can any of this ever be the same again for you with two of these in your packet and now an MVP to take home?
JEFF SUPPAN: Well, I never thought I'd be in situations like this. But since I've come here to this organization, St. Louis Cardinals, it's just a tremendous organization.
You know, basically, when you go out in any game like this, alls you can do is the best you can. I think with approach, you're able to, you know, really go out there and just go pitch by pitch and that was really what I did. You know, Yadi did a tremendous job. He did a tremendous job keeping me in check. I thought, you know, after that, just trying to keep rolling, keep rolling, going out there, forgetting what happened in the past and focusing on what I had to focus on.

Q. Given the rocky way you guys finished and given the fact that some didn't even give you much of a chance in the series, is it a little more satisfying that you beat a team as good as the Mets?
JEFF SUPPAN: The Mets were definitely, or are definitely, a tremendous team all around. You know, basically as a team, St. Louis -- us, we are focusing on what we have to focus on. We're not concerned about, you know, how you get in or what people perceive you to be. And you know I think when you're playing with tremendous people, like Scott Rolen, who really helped me out this whole year, Yadier, the whole team, I could go through everybody. We got here because we focused on what we had to focus on, and we were able to persevere.

Q. Everybody is matching you guys up now with the Tigers and looking forward to the World Series.
JEFF SUPPAN: You know, I think the Detroit Tigers, I mean, what a different place that is from when I was in Kansas City going there and playing, and now look at the team, just a tremendous team.
You know, so my thoughts really aren't there yet. I'm just trying to live in this moment and enjoy this time.

Q. Could you describe your approach in the sixth inning and how you got through that after Rolen's error?
JEFF SUPPAN: You're going to hate me for this answer, buddy, but any time there's any situation that happens, it's over with. You have to focus on that one pitch. I took the approach as I have every game I've pitched in, I make a selection, a pitch selection, Yadi or I, however we get to it, that's my pitch that I'm going to throw. And basically, I try to make the pitch.
You know, Scott, he's just made so many tremendous plays; that was a very tough play. I moved on. As soon as the runner got on first, that was over with. I had to focus on who I was facing next.

Q. Tony has taken many teams to the World Series and it has become quite a habit. Why has he become such a successful manager?
JEFF SUPPAN: You know, I think Tony, he always gives Dave Duncan a lot of credit, and I believe that to be true. I believe Skipper, Dunc, our whole coaching staff, really bears down and focuses. I always tell them, they are coaching their butts off after every game, win or lose. You know, I think they really helped us as a team keep our focus. And specifically, Tony, you know, little things he says, some of them, you may not hear at the time. You know, but he continues to say these things, and when you're ready as a player to hear what he has to say and you can use it to help yourself, that's when it happens, and that's what he does good at or he does well at or however you say it.
I think that he has a lot of experience. I mean, he's been through it. Experience and knowledge, you have awareness, and obviously he's been in the awareness stage for a long time. It has really helped me out as a player to become the pitcher that I can be.

Q. When did you know that tonight was going to be a good night for you, you had good stuff, that it was going to be a good result?
JEFF SUPPAN: When did I know?

Q. Could you tell during the game?
JEFF SUPPAN: Well, the way I looked at it, when the last out was made and we won, that was a good night. I felt we all did well. Yadi did a tremendous job of helping me work through what I had to work through.
I've said this a number of times, but Randy Flores coming in in that situation, getting out of that inning with no outs, Carlos on first, Yadi again coming up with a big hit. That's just showing you that we're all pulling the rope and we're all doing our best.
Wainwright comes in, you know, he's been a starter his whole career and he comes in in this situation with these passionate fans rooting their team on, and he was able to get three outs.

Q. Your approach offensively this whole series has been a little bit more patient and a little bit different than the regular season. How did you strike upon or how did you come to know that you had to make such a drastic switch, and how did it work for you?
YADIER MOLINA: I was working with one of the coaches, Jose Oquendo and Albert, and I just wanted to look for my pitch. I was just trying to look for that pitch and put a good swing on it. If it's not there, I don't swing. I was trying to do that, and if it's there, put a good swing on it.

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