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September 5, 2005

Billy Andrade


BILLY ANDRADE: I had a couple unfortunate things. I hit it through the fairway on 4 and I couldn't spin it to that left pin and hit it to the back of the green and chipped it down or putted it down to about five feet and I missed.

Then on 6, we caught a wind switch with a wedge from the first cut of rough, another fairway I thought I hit. Very important to hit fairways versus being in the rough here, spinning the ball with some of these tough pins that they had today. I thought I hit a perfect shot. It came up short, the wind switched and I ended up making double, and that really put me in a big hole.

And then to make matters worst next hole, I 3 putted from about ten feet.

So it's very difficult when you're going that way, when you need to go the other way, when you see guys like Olin having his day.

But you know what, I had a great time, I was there to screw it up, and I'll probably screw up again in the future. But, you know what, all you can do is give yourself opportunities and today wasn't my day. Today was Olin's day, and you know what I'll be back next week trying again.

Q. Did you lose it mentally after that tough start?

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I don't know if you lose it mentally, but things are not going as well as they had been going. I had not make a bogey in 54 holes and unfortunately I made a few mistakes there. Sometimes this game is cruel, and you can hit pretty good shots and end up not coming out the way you'd like it. You just have to, you know, just hang in there. If I putted a little better, especially on the back nine, I could have put a little charge in. But the putter wasn't as hot today as it's been in the last few days, and when that happens, you shoot the score I shot.

Q. Did you talk to Brad at all?

BILLY ANDRADE: I haven't. I talked to him last night but I haven't talked to him today. But I guess we tied, is the way I looked at it, so that's pretty cool.

Q. Did you feel pressure at the start of the day knowing how many people were close to the top or near the top?

BILLY ANDRADE: No. You know, I felt the same as I felt going into yesterday, I mean, there's a lot of guys close to the lead. I knew that it was going to be a tough day today. I think if anybody can shoot under a 70, that's playing pretty well. And typically, as you see around this golf course, early in the day, the greens are a little softer, and scores are better and as the day goes on with the swirling winds and the greens getting firm, it's tougher to score. And Olin's round of 67 is pretty impressive in the situation he in. And hats off to him, he played a great round of golf today and he deserves to win.

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