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October 18, 2006

Jeff Suppan


Q. If you guys do play a game tomorrow, how much confidence does it give you knowing the team you're going to face hasn't named a starting pitcher yet?
JEFF SUPPAN: I didn't hear the first part.

Q. If you do have to pitch in Game 7 tomorrow, how much confidence does it give you knowing that you can go into that game and they might not even have chosen a starting pitcher until after this game is finished and they could be choosing from a number of different players?
JEFF SUPPAN: My confidence comes from our team and I focus on what we have to do as a team to win. So obviously our focus is on today.
You know, as a starting pitcher, I'm preparing to throw a game tomorrow. So, I mean, that's just how I'm doing it. You know, I don't really concern myself a whole lot on what the Mets have to do right now.

Q. When your closer went down this year, what was the feeling on the team about how you guys were going to get by, and specifically, about Adam Wainwright, did you expect that he would handle everything as well as he has?
JEFF SUPPAN: Adam has done an outstanding job since Spring Training. He had a situation where, you know, starter, in the bullpen, and they put him in the bullpen and he did a tremendous job from day one.
And you know, losing Izzy, obviously, is tough. He's a big part of this team, a big part of this team. You know, I know he would have wanted to be pitching right now, but unfortunately he can't.
With that being said, Adam came into the role and I think Izzy gave him a lot of help. I think Braden gave him a lot of help, a lot of knowledge from two guys up close. He's doing a fine job.

Q. The Mets are comfortable being home, and they see Shea Stadium as a big advantage to them. As a visiting player what makes Shea daunting, and is it any different going in as a visiting player at Yankee Stadium?
JEFF SUPPAN: Well, I've played in both, so I guess I could answer this question.
You know, I think any time you have a home crowd that's passionate for the team in any stadium you play in, I mean, that's a part of the game. I think you have that here in New York. But I also think you have it in other places as well.
So as a player coming into another ballpark, our focus is on the field and what we have to do. So it's not always what ballpark you're playing in or this or that. If your focus is where it needs to be, then you're focusing on what you have to do to contribute.

Q. And is there any difference between here and the Bronx?
JEFF SUPPAN: It's pretty similar. I don't know if I could say there's one fan that's better or not. I think they are both very passionate fans, group of fans.

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