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October 17, 2006

Willie Randolph


Q. What's your take on what the difference was with Glavine tonight, and Glavine the other night, Game 1?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: Well, not much difference. Tommy is pretty much the same for the most part. Got to hit his spots and locate for the most part. He had the one tough inning obviously in the fourth but outside of that I thought he pitched pretty well. When you watch Glavine pitch, he's a great pitcher but you don't really see a great difference in his stuff from game-to-game. He's going to mix in his pitches, his locations and change speeds on you. So I didn't really see any difference.

Q. Was he not getting calls around the plate like he was getting in the first game?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: I wouldn't know that, really. I don't think it had anything to do with that.
The inning, two outs, I'm not sure about the call, was supposed to be a pop up. They strung together a walk and a couple hits, a walk I believe and the only bad inning he had and pitched pretty well actually.

Q. How much pressure is there now on John Maine tomorrow?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: I don't think there will be much on him. Johnny felt pretty good tonight. He's on the way home.

Q. Is it just a matter of you tipping your cap to Weaver and those relievers, or is it something in the at-bats from your guys?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: No, you tip your hat. There doesn't always have to be a reason why, just because they are pitching against you and we didn't have too many opportunities. We had that one third-and-second situation where we didn't capitalize but there's always a couple spots where you have to take advantage of and we didn't.
And they pitched well. Their bullpen did a great job.

Q. You mentioned the pop up, I'm assuming that's the 1-1 pitch to Pujols before the home run?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: Yeah, I was hoping --

Q. Was it your perspective when he hit it --
WILLIE RANDOLPH: I thought it might stay in. We've been pitching him pretty tough and handling him pretty well. I was hoping and praying that ball would stay fair. I don't know how far it was away from Carlos, but that seems like when things kind of opened up a little bit. You know, their guys had a couple good at-bats and a couple walks in there and that's how they did most of their damage.

Q. No matter what, all season, and last year, too, you've had a very upbeat way about you, what are your feelings now, this is the first time you've been in this situation in the post-season?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: I've been in post-season many, many times, man.

Q. With the Mets this post-season.
WILLIE RANDOLPH: It doesn't feel any different, go out and win a ballgame, a couple of games actually and we're looking forward to doing that. Doesn't feel any different as a coach, player or manager it's a matter of getting a win tomorrow and getting a win on Thursday and going from there.

Q. What was your thought process on when you did finally go out to get Glavine, and is he done for the series and is there a chance we could see him again?

Q. Yeah.
WILLIE RANDOLPH: I don't think Glav is going to be able to pitch again this series, I don't think. Coming back tomorrow --

Q. Two days?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: Two days? I doubt it. I doubt that. We have enough guys to get through.

Q. What about the thought process on taking him out of the game when you did?
WILLIE RANDOLPH: I thought it was the right time to do it. Struggling a little bit in that inning, I thought it was a great time.

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