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August 25, 2002

Justin Rose


Q. Great tournament for you. Seemed like every round was solid. Could you talk about the week?

JUSTIN ROSE: It was a really fun week. I arrived, played a couple of practice rounds early in the week, and got the -- really enjoyed the golf course, developed a good strategy. I hit a lot of drivers off the tee this week. I attacked it to a certain extent. I really enjoyed the golf course. It seemed to suit me. I opened up with two great rounds. Saturday was a little bit dodgey. I hung in there, I didn't feel comfortable with my game. And today came back with a good round.

Q. How did the course play today?

JUSTIN ROSE: It's funny. The last two days it's firmed up a lot. The scores reflected that. There hasn't been so many low scores, I think purely because the greens firmed up. It played tricky, more difficult.

Q. How about the pins today?

JUSTIN ROSE: There were some tough ones, yes. But I think the pins yesterday were harder, to be honest. They were cut more on the slope, and it was difficult to attack the putts. You hit it into sort of 8, 9 feet. But there's always a risk of 3-putting from 8 or 9 feet. You had to be conservative around the hole yesterday.

Q. What can you tell us about Craig Parry?

JUSTIN ROSE: He's a solid player, I know that. He hits a left-to-right shot, which I think suits this golf course. He's a proven winner down in Australia, a proven winner all over the world. I think I heard him saying he hasn't won here, right? Looks like he's about to do that. Five ahead. He's taken the bull by the horns, and done a great job.

Q. Is there a question you're going to be able to play on a Ryder Cup team in the future, because of your South African native status?

JUSTIN ROSE: No, all my ancestry is British. There was one generation that decided to nip over there, and I think they figured we liked it better at home, so we all came up.

Q. So there was never a doubt?

JUSTIN ROSE: No. Born, British passport, the works.

Q. Will you be able to play in Ireland? Are you in the field?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I'm in the AmEx in a few weeks time. I've got a great schedule the rest of the year, some big tournaments to play, and I'm looking forward to it. I've got some big tournaments in Europe, the Dunhill Links Championship. The German Masters, which is big. There's plenty of stuff for us to play in this year.

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