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August 22, 2002

Toshi Izawa


MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Toshi Izawa from the Japan Golf Tour. First, we'll talk about the birdie holes and the bogey holes.

TOSHI IZAWA: Well, about today's round, the golf course is very narrow, so I used a lot of irons and fairway woods, not many drivers.

This year, I've not been playing tee shots well, but today, I had a lot of success with my tee shots.

I started off on 10 and birdied 14. My second shot, I had 165 to the pin, a 7-iron, to about ten feet.

No. 18, birdie. The third shot from the green-side bunker, to about five feet.

I made the turn, No. 1, 142 yards, an 8-iron to about 20 feet. That was off the green and I putted.

No. 2, the third shot was on the back, right-hand side of the green, and I chipped to about five feet.

No. 3 was a bogey. It was on the green but the long putt was about 15 meters.

No. 5 was a birdie with a 6-iron, about 20 feet.

No. 7, birdie, 172 yards, 6-iron to five feet.

And No. 8 was a birdie, 176 yards, 6-iron, about five feet.

Q. Did you get into any trouble with the trees today at all?

TOSHI IZAWA: No, not at all. My tee shot was very successful.

I had a second shot, which a little bit, maybe the trees come in, but it wasn't much trouble.

Q. How many times were you in the rough today, overall?

TOSHI IZAWA: Maybe semi-rough once and rough once at the long hole.

Q. How does it feel to be the leader, and will that change the way you play tomorrow and the next few days?

TOSHI IZAWA: Well, I haven't played well this year in the States and in Japan, so the first day of the tournament, where I am, I am very satisfied and I am very happy to be here.

What I would like to do is on the final day, to be in position that I can win the tournament maybe.

Q. You were in the first group to tee off at the 10th hole today. Talk about the atmosphere, and was there a big crowd there?

TOSHI IZAWA: I played last week at the PGA Championship, and compared to the PGA Championship, there wasn't much spectators today. (Laughter.)

It was very relaxing, and I played a practice round and started shooting the ball good. Plus, in this tournament, there's no cut in the tournament, so I was really relaxed playing.

Q. Sahalee is supposed to be a little harder than it was for you today.

TOSHI IZAWA: Well, probably because of the wind last week, there was a lot of wind; so I felt it was a little bit harder. But if this golf course gets a little bit windy, it's going to be a very tough golf course.

Q. Did the ground harden up at all from the practice rounds? Is there more roll on the greens, the fairways?

TOSHI IZAWA: It has not changed from the practice rounds.

Q. How often do you plan on playing in the United States? Are you going to try to make it back here more often in the future?

TOSHI IZAWA: Well, at this point I'm not thinking about playing throughout the year. But a lot of spectators, and the golf course conditions are so good here in the States, I'd like to maybe gain a number of tournaments, but I have a family in Japan, and so my home tour will be in Japan for a while.

Q. How does this course compare to the courses you play back home?

TOSHI IZAWA: Well, I don't see many golf courses like this in Japan, and the tournaments I've played, from my experience, the golf courses here in the States are a little bit (more) difficult than Japan.

Q. A lot of the people in Japan are familiar with the Seattle area because of the Mariners. Do you have any familiarity with Seattle?

TOSHI IZAWA: Yes, I know that Ichiro and Sasaki play in Seattle, but personally, I am a fan of Randy Johnson.

Thank you very much.

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