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October 14, 2006

Scott Spiezio


Q. How much do you think the early jump tonight was a carryover from the emotion of last night, or was there any of that?
SCOTT SPIEZIO: I don't know. We try not to play with too much emotion because if we get too up and down as a player, you know, it can be detrimental.
We just knew that we had a good chance with Supp out there. He's been so steady for us all year, and we just wanted to jump out and get some runs on the board.
Right away there, Eck got on and we thought it was a balk move, but he got called out on it first and we kept going, we kept pushing and ended up scoring some runs that inning. So it was nice to get out to a little bit of a lead for Supp.

Q. Were you surprised last night when he threw you two fastballs, and because of that, you never stopped, the momentum carried on today, tonight?
SCOTT SPIEZIO: You know, I didn't know what he was going to throw. I was actually sitting on changeups after the two changeups he threw me.
So, you know, I just tried to shorten my swing and look for something up so I wouldn't chase that changeup down, and he came with the fastball again and I pulled it foul. Then he came with another one. I thought after Lo Duca went out to the mound that he was probably telling him that he wanted him to throw on off-speed pitch, so I was sitting off-speed, but I was still able to turn on the fastball. I'm glad I did, you know, it was nice.

Q. You've had some really dramatic hits here, even going back to the last weekend of the regular season. Are you just letting the at-bats come to you, or are you seeing the ball particularly well right now? What do you think is the factor with all of that?
SCOTT SPIEZIO: I kind of approach everything the same way as I have all season, just keep it real simple, look for a ball in my zone. Sometimes I'll look for a particular pitch, sometimes I don't, sometimes I'll be in a particular zone, lately I've just been picking a zone and looking for a pitch in that zone and when I get it, just put a short swing on it, not try to hit one a mile, not try to hit -- to aim it through any holes. Just take my swing at it and wherever it goes, it goes.

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