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October 14, 2006

Anthony Reyes


Q. How much are you looking forward to getting out on the mound here at Busch Stadium here in this game?
ANTHONY REYES: You know, I'm excited. Growing up, dreamed of playing in the playoffs and World Series, and to get my opportunity, I'm excited.
Q. Talking about that, on the flipside, how much of a roller coaster has it been waiting for that opportunity, not knowing whether you would be on the roster, would get a chance, that type of thing?
ANTHONY REYES: It's been tough. They just said, stay prepared, stay ready because you never know what will happen. I just kept doing my routine and came out and they told me that I would be pitching in this series, so I was very excited.

Q. How would you assess whatever change you might have noticed in the demeanor or the confidence level of your team after the win last night?
ANTHONY REYES: You know, I don't think anything changes. I think we go out there and play hard, and we expect to play good. You know, coming back from that, it's got to boost our confidence a little bit. But I think we've always been confident and we're back in St. Louis and we're ready to play.
Q. From being able to watch those first two games from the dugout, have you learned anything about the Mets batters?
ANTHONY REYES: I tried not to pay too much attention because every pitcher is different. I'm just going to go out there and use the same game plan I've used and, you know, just mix pitches and hopefully keep the ball down.
Q. It's been a while since you've pitched. I think the last day of the regular season is the last time you pitched, right?

Q. What have you been doing since then to keep yourself ready to pitch again?
ANTHONY REYES: Just throwing my bullpens, playing catch, just try to stay loose. Just trying to keep my arm as best I can.

Q. Is there anything that you're concerned about, being too strong, not having your mechanics down straight, is there anything that you'll look for in the first inning that you'll have to adjust because there has been such a long layoff?
ANTHONY REYES: I'd say maybe just location. That would probably be the biggest thing. You know, just want to get loose there in the first inning and make sure I come into the game loose and just make sure I get a feel before I go out there on the mound.

Q. Do you think you'll have any jitters at all? You're one of the younger guys on the team, least-experienced guys and obviously it's a huge stage, do you think you'll have jitters and how will you handle that if you do?
ANTHONY REYES: For the most part I don't really get too nervous or jittery whenever I play. I'm going into this thing just thinking it's a regular baseball game, not trying to think about anything else and just going out there and making my pitches.

Q. I apologize if I'm going over something already, but just at this age to be on this type of stage tomorrow, what's going on inside and how do you prevent from being too jittery tomorrow?
ANTHONY REYES: You know, just not thinking about it. Just thinking about what I need to do. Just trying to keep my mind away from this as much as I can and just get prepared on the pitches I have to make and the batters I have to face.

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