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October 13, 2006

So Taguchi


Q. Was it a surprise to you when you came in the game? It seemed like they stopped the game a little bit to get you out in left field. Did you know that you were going into the game?
SO TAGUCHI: Tony told me next batter, I'm supposed to be pinch-hitter. I was behind the dugout. Tony said, "So, go left." So, I was surprised. (Laughter.)
I just said, "Right now?"
He said yes.

Q. You're not a home run hitter, at least your record isn't that you're a home run hitter, and yet you have two home runs in the post-season so far.

Q. And you have only two at-bats. How do you explain that?
SO TAGUCHI: I can't explain. (Laughter.) It's unbelievable.
Who expected that I would hit a home run? Maybe nobody, even me.

Q. Is this what happens when you get in your late 30s, you get a power surge all of a sudden?
SO TAGUCHI: (Laughing) What can I say?

Q. Can you discuss, was the at-bat, I think it was a nine-pitch at-bat that you hit the home run, can you describe the at-bat against Wagner in the ninth.
SO TAGUCHI: Because maybe my stats against Billy Wagner maybe 0 for something, I never got on base, and always strike out, ground ball, pop up.
So, I just stay on top of the ball and try to get on base.

Q. You said you don't think you had any hits off Wagner?

Q. None?
SO TAGUCHI: No. (Laughter.)

Q. How difficult is it to come in that situation, facing a guy like Billy Wagner who throws as hard as he does?
SO TAGUCHI: (Scratching head. ) How different? Too much different. (Laughter.)
It's very tough. I think he's one of the best closers in the big leagues. So probably can't imagine.

Q. What were you thinking when you were rounding the bases? You just hit a home run, first hit off Wagner, your hit off Wagner is a home run, what was going through your mind as you're rounding the bases?
SO TAGUCHI: I couldn't recognize what happened. (Laughter.) I didn't know, what should I do, so I just run.

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