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October 13, 2006

Rich Harden


Q. Ken Macha said rust might have been a problem for you early with your control. Does that kind of sum it up?
RICH HARDEN: Yeah. You know, I knew coming into the start and not having pitched in almost a couple weeks, I knew that first inning would be key for me, getting through that.
You know, made too many pitches there, walked a few guys, and I knew that was something that I had to get through.

Q. It's a difficult task obviously being down 3-0, but as Ken told us earlier, you're taking it one game at a time. You've got four starters coming up, he was very proud of that and mentioned that, in the next four games. Your comments as a ball player being down 3-0 and facing at Tigers?
RICH HARDEN: I mean, being down 3-0 in the series, it's not a good situation. But with us, we're still going to approach it the same way. Sometimes being in that situation is just what you need. You know, a little kick in the butt.
Yeah, we're still going to come out and play hard. Tigers are a tough team. They played well today, and I tip my cap to Kenny Rogers. He did an unbelievable job today, and their hitters. Solid team, so we'll come out and play them tomorrow.

Q. Was your scouting report on Polanco simply that right now he's not only a guy who gets the bat on the ball a lot, but he's getting a lot of the bat on the ball right now? Is there any way to attack that?
RICH HARDEN: Yeah. He's a guy that's been killing us lately. He's putting the ball in play a lot, especially in key situations. We just wanted to attack him. Yeah, just see what happens.

Q. Have they sort of surprised your whole staff by the walks that they've taken and the discipline that they've had after really a whole year of not being a very disciplined team?
RICH HARDEN: Yeah, we've always known them to be a pretty aggressive team, especially when I pitch against them. They've been good at working walks and not chasing bad pitches. I find when I throw my splitter or a change low, I get more swings, and today they just weren't chasing them. I give them credit for that.

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