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August 11, 2001

Lucas Glover

Danny Yates


CRAIG SMITH: Lucas, looks like you have had a long day, but let's start with your captain. Danny, at one point it looked like you were going to be turning at about 7-1 in the afternoon. Assess where you are now and where you thought you might be.

DANNY YATES: When the board was like it was real early, that's just too early to tell what's going to happen until you get to the back side and the wind changes. The course is a lot different on the back side when the wind comes up. I wanted us to hold on, but I knew it was going to be hard when you have guys like Luke Donald down and things like that. I knew they were going to play well, and you just don't know until you are really coming down the stretch. I was hopeful, but we came out okay.

CRAIG SMITH: You had a team meeting somewhere in there. What were you relaying?

DANNY YATES: You mean between rounds? I thought I saw a lot of positive stuff in the morning. I thought we played really well in a lot of the matches. That one match, the Eger/Molder match, they tied at the end. But, you know, it's tough to get started, and I thought the guys played well. Danny Green and D.J., there were four birdies thrown at them right off the bat. If you look at their score, their score wasn't bad. I think they just played great golf.

Q. If you could talk about your shot on 18?

LUCAS GLOVER: Well, it was in the rough, obviously. And just like it was all day: Whoever hit the last good shot or the last bad shot was going to win or lose. And I hit the smart shot and unfortunately, he made a mistake and couldn't really recover from it. I had just a 9-iron, playing it on the flyer, and pulled it a little bit, but got away with it and then it ran to the middle of the green.

Q. How far?

LUCAS GLOVER: 54 hole, but I played it -- played it 49, I think.

CRAIG SMITH: Lucas, how about your day? You were one of the guys who came out with two wins.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, just happy to do it for the team, really. Got the first point for the team this morning and the last point for the team this afternoon, and I guess, you know, it was pretty cool for my first Walker Cup.

CRAIG SMITH: Did you play that well or did somebody just help you along the way? How was your play?

LUCAS GLOVER: I played really well this morning. Nick and I both played well. I think we were 4- or 5-under, alternate-shot. And then this afternoon, I was around par. The wind got up and neither Michael nor I played it very well. That's why I was so up and down. I think we only had like four holes -- that's why I said earlier, whoever hit the last good shot was going to win. I didn't putt particularly well this afternoon, but it will come around.

CRAIG SMITH: Dan, looking at your lineup, we have both of them coming down in five minutes, what did you do with your lineup in contrast to what you had today?

DANNY YATES: Foursomes, Eric Compton and John Harris are going to play, and Quinney and Driscoll are not going to play, so the other three groups are still playing in the foursomes. In the afternoon, David Eger is going to sit out and Jeff Quinney is going to sit out and the other eight are going to play. And without seeing the sheet, I can't remember the order, but that's the situation.

Q. Danny, talk about Eric Compton's comeback after being down three after three, and what he did to get back into that match?

DANNY YATES: I was standing on the tee, you know, when the first -- when he was first off. So I didn't even get to see him play a hole until No. 8, and I understand he 3-putted the first hole. He hit it in there pretty close, within ten feet, and 3-putted. I think Gary birdied the second hole. I think Eric 3-putted the third hole -- birdied the second and the third? Okay. And then he hit the ball very well. As I understand it, he hit the ball very well, in the fairway, on the green and I think he got confident with his putter and putted well. I honestly only saw him play three holes -- everything, there's so much going on. By the time I got out there later, he was up and I didn't think I needed to help him at all. He had his confidence and his putter started working, the way I understand it.

Q. Is he just struggling or --

DANNY YATES: He's struggled with his driver, and we made a team decision that he would sit out. He did it for the team. He's had a tough time all summer. We talked at -- he's had a tough time driving the ball, and you've got to drive the ball on this golf course to have a chance. Put it in the rough, and I told the guys, I didn't see a whole lot of pars out of the rough today. Lucas's on 18 was one of the few pars out of the rough I saw all day.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DANNY YATES: We talked about it. I felt like he agreed that he was struggling, and it was my decision.

Q. Lucas, could you talk about playing alternate-shot with Nick Cassini? You guys played so well.

LUCAS GLOVER: Nick and I we played together at the Palmer Cup in the same format, and played really well. Again, we were 5-under at Baltusrol, and we are great friend, and we compete in similar ways and we have similar ball flights and similar distances with our clubs. It was just a perfect fit. We got a lot of confidence playing a lot together this week, and it just worked out again.

CRAIG SMITH: Lucas, let me put this one to you, and just give me your feel. There were seven players named, and then three others, Eric Compton, Nick Cassini, Lucas Glover, and you are 2-0, Nick is 2-0, Eric is 1-0, and you have all played exceptionally well. Makes you feel pretty good?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, definitely. That has a lot to do with momentum. I don't think any of the three of us have been out of the Top-10 all summer, in any tournament. Me, personally, I haven't finished out of the top six. Nick just got off of a W, and Eric is probably one of the most underrated players in the country. I think it says a lot for the selection, the way they do it, and the way they -- the last few selections are always who is playing the best right now, when they name them. And, yes, it's pretty cool, but it's just the way it turned out.

Q. Was what happened two years ago, when the U.S. was up 7-5 and then got blitzed on Sunday. Was that brought up in the meeting or did it need to be?

DANNY YATES: We've talked about it, but we didn't talk about it today. We've talked about it. And I've said it before, it was just like an avalanche. The only thing you can do about it -- they played very, very well. We played pretty well. Just one of those things. They played great golf.

Q. Danny, with a one-point lead, do you feel like you have the momentum going into tomorrow?

DANNY YATES: You know, I don't know. We've just got to start all over. You go back into a different format again, in the foursomes, and that's just such a different format for us, I think. I feel good, better. I don't know if it gives you momentum, because you've only got one point. But, yeah, I feel good that our guys are playing well, and I hope that we can keep that. We had momentum this afternoon, I'll say that. And I hope we can keep it up.

CRAIG SMITH: Thank you very much.

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