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June 23, 2001

Peter Mele

Slugger White


NELSON LUIS: Slugger White and Peter Mele are with us. They are going to explain to us what will be going on for the rest of the weekend. Let's start off with what we are doing exactly tomorrow.

SLUGGER WHITE: Tomorrow we rescheduled the third round to start at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. We have got forecast that may this rain may continue until 3, 4, 5 o'clock in the morning which may produce some fog for us. 9 o'clock is our best guess. I think 11:10 is the last tee time. Just try to fit it in somewhere. The forecast for tomorrow afternoon is not good as well. That's kind of in a nutshell. Then we are going to finish on Monday.

Q. Same thing 9 o'clock Monday?

SLUGGER WHITE: 9 o'clock Monday.

Q. What is the Monday forecast?

SLUGGER WHITE: A little better. The afternoon is not good which is one reason we are -- we are going early. But it is not nearly as bad as -- today was, I mean, our meteorologist Greg Quinn was with the Weather Channel, he has hit it right on the button. This thing is coming from Manhattan, it is starting to weaken a little bit, but we are going to get more rain. He hit it right on the button every time. He has been a wealth of knowledge for us. He really helps us tremendously.

Q. Overall theory is play 72; correct?

SLUGGER WHITE: 72 holes, right.

Q. Walking around many of the holes in the back nine I just saw puddles everywhere. Some holes had virtual lakes in front of the greens. Which holes were deep, unplayable, or was it just an overview of the entire course that you figured was unplayable? The greens seemed puttable but everything else --

SLUGGER WHITE: Greens have done very well and the bunkers for the most part have done very well too. But the holes that knocked us out on Thursday were basically 11, 8, 13 -- I am sorry, 15 was bad. And 3 was bad. We went back to the same places today. 16th hole there was just a lake on the left there in that left bunker and the right bunker, I think. You basically could not -- couldn't even get from the to fairway from the 11 green. I don't know how they got there, maybe up around 17, 16th tee, that's how bad it was. Those are the basic ones. I mean, 2 is a river. On the left side of 8 was, I mean it was incredible. We got like almost an inch of rain in less than an hour, maybe. So it was pretty devastating.

Q. Postponing it because of the weather and/or the golf course?

SLUGGER WHITE: Weather and -- exactly. The golf course, Joe Alonzi and his staff have done a great job. He has got his work cut out for him the rest of the night if he can get out there. There's a couple of cells coming toward him. In fact I just talked to him a couple of minutes ago, they advised him not send his crew out there yet because of those. He is going to be working well into the evening. And first thing tomorrow morning.

Q. Tomorrow's forecast means really couldn't play 36?

SLUGGER WHITE: Right. Our regulations say if we have got a decent forecast and we feel like we can complete 36 holes tomorrow, by the end of the day, then we would have gone that way. We would have repaired, made another cut, which would have basically knocked out 17 guys we would have gone to 63 because we go to the nearest number to 60 when we play 36 holes and we need 12 hours to play. So we would have probably started at 7 and hopefully gotten it in by 7. But tomorrow morning, with the fog, I mean the fog may -- quite honestly I hope we get to start tomorrow at 9 o'clock. That's a wish and a prayer right now.

Q. Would you consider going to Tuesday or is Monday basically it?

SLUGGER WHITE: Tuesday would be our -- if we get tomorrow in and we go to Monday and we get half the field finished on Monday, then we would in fact go to Tuesday and no later.

Q. In what event might you consider shortening the event to 54?

SLUGGER WHITE: I think tomorrow will be a big -- have a big impact on what we do -- how much golf we get played tomorrow will be a big, big impact. I don't think we could sit here and speculate until then unfortunately.

Q. The fact that the GHO is the next event close by, does it make it easier, in the event you do have to go to a Tuesday finish?

SLUGGER WHITE: Quite honestly it doesn't. I mean, in regulations, we don't -- we don't consider the following week. We have had that question when we have like Atlanta and stuff and we have got the U.S. Open or something -- whatever, but it's not in the mix.

NELSON LUIS: Peter, maybe you could tell us what you plan on doing for ticketholders.

PETER MELE: We have done this before. Allow me to read it because it is -- I don't want to misstate anything. First off I need to say that no tickets will be available for purchase at the gate. At this point we are totally sold out for Sunday and Monday. Thursday and Saturday only, Thursday only and Saturday only tickets will be honored on Sunday or Monday and will be exchanged at the main entrance gate for grounds-only tickets. The only exchange for Thursday and Saturday only tickets will be made from Sunday and Monday grounds tickets. Additionally, Sunday tickets which are valid on Sunday will also be honored on Monday. So basically everybody will have a Sunday ticket on Monday. If somebody shows up with a Thursday ticket on Monday we will give them a Sunday ticket on Monday. Clear, right? Preferred parking. Any of the preferred parking for Thursday and Sunday will not be valid for Sunday -- Thursday and Saturday will not be valid for Sunday and Monday. The parking facilities for Sunday will be SUNY purchase, located on Anderson Hill Road, 333 Westchester Avenue in White Plains. The Manhattanvile Road corporate facilities on Purchase Street, 2500/2700 Westchester Avenue and we will announce the Monday parking details tomorrow.

Q. Slugger, how many weeks in a row have you had weather disruptions?

SLUGGER WHITE: I was with ABC -- i think this is 5 straight. That's my understanding. I just found that out 20 minutes ago.

Q. Lift clean and place?

SLUGGER WHITE: We were doing that today for the third round and yes indeed I am quite certain we will do that tomorrow.

Q. Anybody have a clue what TV is up to? Seems like they are tape delaying tomorrow...

SLUGGER WHITE: I think they are and then I think ESPN - I am speculating I think ESPN would probably cover Monday. I think I am correct. Don't quote me.

PETER MELE: Tomorrow the gates will Open at 8 a.m. since we have a 9 o'clock start.

Q. Peter, how much of a kick-in the pants is it for the tournament to have this big show ready to go and then the rain put a damper on it?

PETER MELE: It is nothing you can plan on or control, but when you work 51 weeks a year for one week, it is kind of a kick-in the pants as you put it. That's putting it mildly.

NELSON LUIS: Thanks, guys.

End of FastScripts....

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