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June 21, 2001

Peter Mele


ANA LEAIRD: Peter Mele would like to just review with you some modifications for some tickets and so forth. Peter, our tournament director, take it away.

PETER MELE: Thanks, Ana. We are all a little bit waterlogged today. It was quite an interesting day. Let me read a statement, then I can answer questions. As a thank you to the fans that have supported the Buick Classic today and because only 37 of 156 players completed today's round, the tournament will exchange all Thursday only tickets at the main entrance gate at Westchester Country Club for either a Saturday or a Sunday grounds-only ticket. The only exchange that will be made will be for a Saturday or Sunday grounds ticket in the exchange we made that day at the gate. Thursday -- all Thursday preferred parking is not valid, but fans who choose to come out on site on Sunday may use the complimentary spectator parking and use the shuttle buses.

ANA LEAIRD: If anybody has any questions, Peter can try and clarify them.

Q. First time you have ever had to do a ticket exchange?

PETER MELE: First time I think this tournament ever has, yes. I am not sure about other events.

Q. So tomorrow is sold out, but you obviously got tickets to Saturday and Sunday?

PETER MELE: Yeah, I think ideally if we had the option, we would have allowed spectators to do Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but tomorrow being a sellout, we couldn't really accommodate anymore spectators here tomorrow.

Q. Does that mean people can still purchase tickets for Saturday and Sunday?


Q. What do you think you got left Saturday or Sunday, how many tickets would you estimate?

PETER MELE: I think we are probably looking at somewhere roughly 12 to 15,000.

Q. Each day?

PETER MELE: At this point available.

Q. Each day?


Q. Could you review -- okay, I know tomorrow play starts at 7 o'clock, just review what the rest of the day is going to be like at this point?

PETER MELE: Busy. (Laughs). We are going to be hitting the ball at 7 o'clock, all the players will be in their positions at 7. From what I understand, I don't have exact times, about 11:30 the second round tee times will begin. I think the last tee time on the second round will be at 4 o'clock.

Q. 6 o'clock.

PETER MELE: 6 o'clock, okay.

Q. What are you hearing about tomorrow's weather forecast?

PETER MELE: Honestly I have haven't heard anything yet.

Q. You have obviously got to play some second round Saturday morning, is that a 7:00 A.M. tee time right now or is that to be determined?

PETER MELE: I am not sure I understand.

Q. Guys will not be finishing the second round...

PETER MELE: I would assume then it would carry over to Saturday. I am not sure. That's a rules question.

Q. Late starters finishing a lot of holes early tomorrow, they have the early tee times scheduled for tomorrow, will they just be playing right straight through or will they be switched around?

PETER MELE: I haven't seen a starting time sheet yet. I am not sure. We have been kind of working on this. I can't answer that question.

Q. Do you have any idea how many fans went through here today?

PETER MELE: No. We had -- crowds were building up when that first storm hit. A lot of people still coming in. Don't have any idea what the numbers are today yet, no.

Q. Any decision to shorten the tournament to 54? Is that a Tour decision; is that correct?

PETER MELE: That's correct, that's a rules issue.

Q. Did you get a chance -- I mean, looking at the golf course, what type of shape is it in? Are you confident you will be able to get tomorrow in without too much more rain?

PETER MELE: Yeah, I think assuming we don't get a lot of rain or much rain tonight and tomorrow the course will drain pretty well. To my knowledge there was about 4 holes that were not playable tonight. They squegged for the better part of two hours, squegged the fairways and some tees and they just weren't able to get it playable. So I think given the overnight, if we don't get much rain the course will drain, hopefully we will be fine in the morning.

Q. What holes were those, do you know?

PETER MELE: No. I know 11 was one of them.

ANA LEAIRD: Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts....

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