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June 29, 2001

Dana Quigley


Q. You said yesterday you were going to keep plugging, and you're still very much into this thing.

DANA QUIGLEY: I'm surprised that I'm still in the U.S. Open. That's one goal which I always have is to keep playing. I drove it I think spectacularly today. I drove it real long and hit every fairway but two. One was a layup, 3-iron that I thought was perfect. I got it in the rough on the par-5 you could reach. So I gagged a little bit there trying to put a little extra steam in it. I don't think I could have played a much more solid round of golf. I hit most of the greens. I don't know what the count is, but I was really in good shape the whole day. Again I just got a little bit -- I hit a little bit just past the pin on 7, over the green and I was absolutely dead, no chance. I hit it a little past pin high onto par-3 going down the hill and I had no chance with the chip. There's a huge hump. So the two bogeys I made were probably just a little too aggressive. When you get going and you're playing awhile, you think you can really do almost anything. For me, I've got to gear it back a little bit on my club selection.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DANA QUIGLEY: I don't see where the pins were a whole lot more accessible. Thorpe had 65, you've got to throw that out because no one was even close to it. Larry had what, 3-under. Thorpey can go deep at any given time, so that's not a testimony for the course. I think all in all I think the scores were, other than no wind, were pretty much one with yesterday. If yesterday had no wind, we'd probably be in about the same place. What are they saying the cut's going to be?

Q. 9.

DANA QUIGLEY: I figured 10, so it went down a shot. That's all because of the wind, I'm sure. It was a war out there, believe me. I'm glad we only do these once a year. I know that. I'm just happy -- I'm too old to do it more than once.

Q. Are you happy with your position coming into the weekend?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah. I don't know what it is. I'm more than happy with the position. Anything can happen on the weekend. If I can play anywhere close to as well tomorrow and Sunday as I did today, I'll be right there. I mean, I played as well as I figured I could play really, to be honest with you. I didn't make the birdies, but I'm not so sure you're supposed to make the birdies out here.

Q. Any de ja vu from 10 years ago?

DANA QUIGLEY: Not at all. I lost 10 years ago, but this time I'm going to go for the win. I would love to finish second if I didn't win. But with this being so close to the lead, all I can think about right now is just playing a good, solid weekend and letting the cards fall.

Q. How much did the caddy help you out today?

DANA QUIGLEY: My caddy is -- believe me, my caddy, regardless of how he helps me out on the golf course, just being there with me is worth everything to me. I could never ever, never be upset about anything with what's going on, on the golf course without with him around. It's just better than I could ever imagine it. I might have to take him out of school. I think the truant officer might be after me come September, if he can caddy this well for me.

Q. Is he 16?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yes. He's going to be a senior at East Providence High School next year. East Providence High School, Rhode Island.

Q. Is he a player?

DANA QUIGLEY: This is really his first serious year. He's never played in any competitions. But he can play. He can go. He can hit it pretty far. Four years ago he didn't want to know about golf, and now it's just starting to get to him, so it's good. I didn't really start playing golf until college either. He didn't have a normal upbringing nowadays of kids and golf, but I'm not so sure that's the best way to go, because most of them seem like they're burned out by the time they're out of college. He won't be burned out from practicing too hard.

Q. In playing in any of the Sectional PGA events, do you think the knowledge of this course has helped you at all for the first two rounds?

DANA QUIGLEY: It may have helped me for the fact that it gave me some confidence. Regardless, we all know where we have to hit the ball after three days of practice and two rounds. I think everyone knows where they've got to aim it. So I think you lose some of the local knowledge there. It just gives me great confidence knowing that I'm home. Everyone is rooting for me out there. Going up and down every fairway. Of course, we had a pretty good crowd because Hale was with me. But they were just urging me on the whole way. There's no substitute for that. If I could take that with me every week on tour, I know I'd play a lot better. It just pumps you up to hit some good shots. I know it gives me an extra 10 or 15 yards on my driver because I was whistling that baby out there today. Okay. Nice talking to you. Hopefully we'll do it again tomorrow.

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