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May 24, 2001

Bruce Fleisher


JULIUS MASON: Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to make this as painless as possible for Bruce and Larry. Bruce is in at 2-under at the 62nd PGA Senior Championship. If you wouldn't mind going through your day-to-day, then we'll go to Q and A.

Q. You finally got some sun for the glasses anyway?

BRUCE FLEISHER: That's exactly right. Turned into a beautiful day. A very unassuming round today, folks. A lot of opportunities. Let's see... Is this my score card?


BRUCE FLEISHER: Wow, it's a beautiful thing. Let's see, I birdied the fourth hole, chipped it. I got one of those good chip shots, two good shots in front of the green. Chipped it about 6 inches, Larry says, "I think you can make that one," which I did. Actually, the highlight of my day, I think, was the 8th hole. Driver 4-wood up there about 8 feet, was able to knock that in. I birdied 9 with driver wedge to about 12 feet. My only real glitch was 11. I came off a 4-iron, hit a poor shot, didn't get it up-and-down out of the bunker. And I had opportunities, but other than 18 where I got it up-and-down from the right, it wasn't a whole lot out there. I hit a lot of fairways today, a lot of greens. Wasn't real, real sharp with my iron play, but I'm saying that because the leader's here. But it was a pretty solid round all in all.

Q. You used the word "unassuming." While everybody is on the radar screen, guys like Larry, guys like today Arnold, you seem to be sort of under the radar. Am I making too much of this, or is that kind of the way you like it?

BRUCE FLEISHER: Well, I think looking at this golf course, yesterday I actually got a chance to play it and I really -- I felt we had a big break today with the weather. And the golf course, I thought the course played a lot easier than I thought it was going to play as far as -- maybe easy isn't the right word. It played shorter in spots, where yesterday it really looked like it was going to take a bite out of you. But it's still a very difficult golf course for me. Par 3s are difficult, long irons. You do have to keep the ball in the fairway, and I was able to do that today. So it was a good round, believe me. I'm not downplaying it, you know. It was a good, solid round of golf.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Bruce? Mr. Nelson?

LARRY NELSON: Bruce, is that really as good as you could play today? (Laughing.)

BRUCE FLEISHER: Larry, you saw it. It wasn't that exciting. But... Larry's next. He played terrific, too.

End of FastScripts....

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