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May 14, 2000

Byron Nelson


Q. What did you think of Jesper's pants?

BYRON NELSON: I'd need more protection for my eyes than that.

Q. Was it one of the most exciting Nelsons you've seen?

BYRON NELSON: It is the most exciting that I've seen. I've seen every one of them. It is definitely the most exciting. The play was so good. We had a little bad wind one day and a little bit the other day, but then the weather cooperated so great Saturday and Sunday. And the condition of the golf course, everybody said was just perfect. And so the net result was that the improvements we made on the golf course, the scores and plus the little wind were lower than usual -- I mean, higher than usual, the winning score. But the field as a whole were very close together all the time. It didn't seem like anybody wanted to get out in front until the -- at one time this afternoon, there was seven people that could have won the tournament with just making another birdie or two.

Q. Do you think that your being here inspired a lot of these guys to, if nothing else, come out and play in your tournament?

BYRON NELSON: I think that has a very, very small part to it, because I see these players -- I go to about eight or nine tournaments a year where they see me. And on occasion where I see one of the players that's played a good round or played in a good tournament, I'll drop them a note and congratulate them on it. But the things that is drawing the players is the fact that the golf course is getting better, the rest of the facilities are perfect, and you know, an extra million dollars in the last two years, you know, that gets their attention. They say that money speaks, and I think it did here this year. But we've been getting a good field now for quite some time, even though we did have a great one this year.

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