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January 24, 2004

Guillermo Canas


THE MODERATOR: English questions first. First question, please.

Q. Congratulations. What are your feelings after a match like that?

GUILLERMO CANAS: Oh, I'm feel great (smiling). It's amazing after, I don't know, two years I don't play the match like this. I think we have a pretty good match. The offer for both was unbelievable. I think maybe I had the lucky to win maybe the important points in the last set.

Q. Do you always feel as though he gives you a chance? Do you think you always have a chance against him? Your record against him is excellent.

GUILLERMO CANAS: Yeah. Yeah, maybe we have a pretty tough match for the first set. Maybe he have a chance to beat me in the last set, he have break up. But I know the tennis is like this. Maybe I take the chance when he give me, maybe I play better the important points. For this is the, I don't know, the key to win this match.

Q. Do you like someone who comes at you? His style is to come to the net as quickly as he can.

GUILLERMO CANAS: Yeah, I think maybe I'm play well with the guys like this. But in the last two match, this one and the last one I play against him, was so close, 7-6 in the third the last one. Maybe I have, I say again, maybe I have a luck to play better this important points. But the match was so close.

Q. Do you think you're tougher in the head than he is?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I don't know. I think for me was good, this. Was good proof I'm come back. I'm play two matches in the row in five set. For my body, it's good. For my mentality, it's good. Really I'm very confident for the next match.

Q. Do you think when you play against him...?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I don't know. Yeah, maybe because I have -- I beat him the last, well, the last four times, maybe it's -- you know, when the important point is coming, maybe I'm a little bit, I don't know, I feel a little bit more confidence in this point. But I don't know if I'm better in the head with him or not.

Q. When you were two sets down and then 4-1 down in the fifth, did you have any negative thoughts? Did you always think that, you know, "This guy is always worried about me"?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I don't know. In the match in Grand Slam, it's long. I was two set down. But I know if I win the third set, the match is gonna be close again because two set to one is not so far. But, really, when I was 5-1 in the final set, just I thinking I fighting for four hours, I need to fight a little more. But I never thinking maybe against him I have a chance. I know I try to fight. I try to, I don't know, play my game. And maybe I play unbelievable game in the 4-3 or 4-2 when I break him with two passing shot. I don't know. I'm feel great.

Q. Do you think you can sometimes play your best tennis when you're down?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I don't know. In this tournament I play my best tennis when I need it. I play my best tennis when I was in important points, in the tough moment. This one is good. It's good to feel like this after, I don't know, for I be eight months out of the tour. When I come back, I feel playing good in important moment is amazing.

Q. Can you just talk about how tough it was physically for both of you a match like that?

GUILLERMO CANAS: For me, was so tough in the beginning of the third stet. I feel tired because I was very tough match, the last one. But, I don't know, I try to play point by point. I try to be focus in not in the score but just in the point. Then the match go and I try to, I don't know, in the moment I feel maybe so far, and then two set to one down, then I'm playing, continue like this.

Q. When you called for the trainer, did you hit your foot with the racquet?

GUILLERMO CANAS: No, no, I twist my ankle when I try to run, the dropshot. And then they put me something in my tape. After this I didn't feel nothing, just normal.

Q. What did the trainer do to you?

GUILLERMO CANAS: No, just put some tape in my foot. Nothing.

Q. Of all the matches you've played against him, is that the best he has played, do you think, today?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I don't know. I think both we play unbelievable match. Was so close. I think maybe the difference was two points. I don't know if it was the best match I play with him, but I think we play very, very good match and do good offer.

Q. What I meant, of the matches you've played with him, was that the best he has played?

GUILLERMO CANAS: I don't know. Maybe yes. Maybe yes. I remember I play against him in Roland Garros. He play a very good match, too. But, really, I don't know. I think I'm play very well today. Maybe was one of my best match against him.

Q. Your next match.

GUILLERMO CANAS: Well, they're gonna be tough. I think David, he's playing great. He's playing very good tennis. He play less set than me in this tournament. But I don't know, I try to enjoy today, my matches. I think I run many hours to enjoy some. Tomorrow I gonna think of the next match.

End of FastScripts….

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