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October 8, 2006

Anthony Wall


Q. You started the day seven behind. Out in 31 - was there a stage when you thought: I can win this?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes, towards the start of the back nine. I felt confident. I was playing well and the last six is a tough stretch and you never know. You have to hit the shots over the last four holes. The wind if slightly into and I was hitting five irons to some of the holes. It's not a cinch, by any stretch of the imagination.

Q. You came into this week in 19th place. Is top 15 something of a goal?

ANTHONY WALL: Yes, definitely. Top 20 was my goal after I hurt a muscle in my right arm three weeks ago so after that to happen, to have a week like this is really good, very pleasing. Top 15 would be huge. I would love to go on next year and play in the really big boys events. My arm is hurting a bit. I tore the muscle in the Pro-Am in Madrid, only a small tear but it's still hurting.

Q. You got within one of the lead.

ANTHONY WALL: I know. Disappointing to hit tee shots into two traps at the 13th and 14th. I hit good shots and took careful lines but got penalised. It's not easy, but overall I've had some good high finishes in some of the biggest events of the year - BMW, Smurfit and this. It proves I can play good courses well. I will see how my arm feels, but I will try to play in Majorca and Valderrama.

End of FastScripts.

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