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February 22, 2000

Tim Finchem

Joe W. Forehand

Tiger Woods


JAMES CRAMER: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my name is James Cramer, I'm the Manager of Communications for the World Golf Championships. I welcome you to the 2000 World Golf Championships - Andersen Consulting Match Play Championship and the presentation of the 1999 Andersen Consulting Medal. At this point I'd like to introduce the three men on the stage. Representing the International Federation of PGA Tours, PGA Commissioner, Timothy W. Finchem; Tiger Woods, and Joe Forehand, managing partner and CEO of Andersen Consulting. I'd like to introduce Mr. Forehand.

JOE W. FOREHAND: Thanks, James. I would like to welcome all of you and thank you for attending our inaugural presentation of the Andersen Consulting Medal. The Andersen Consulting Medal is sponsored by Andersen Consulting and the International Federation of PGA Tours. This award is presented to the winner of the three World Golf Championships. Last year, that was the World Golf Championships - Andersen Consulting Match Play Championship and the NEC Invitational and the American Express Championship. The 1999 recipient of the Andersen Consulting Medal is none other than Tiger Woods. Tiger won a little over $2.1 million last year in the three events, and we're proud that Tiger is the winner of the inaugural medal. As part of this award, it includes a contribution in Tiger's name by Andersen Consulting to the First Tee charity, and Tim Finchem is the representative of the First Tee charity. And Tim, do you want to make a couple of comments?

COMMISSIONER TIMOTHY W. FINCHEM: Thank you, Joe. First of all on behalf of the Federation, let me recognize a couple of my compatriots, Arthur Sanderson, the Executive Director of the Australasian Tour, and Kosaku Shimada, the Executive Director of the Japanese Tour. Representatives of the other Tours will be coming in later today. I'd like to thank Andersen Consulting for the partnership that they have entered into with the Federation and the commitment they have made to not just this tournament, not just to sponsoring a championship for the purpose of building their brand, but also to make a commitment to junior golf through this medal, and an annual contribution to the First Tee. Andersen has proven to be a company of visioning in golf and commitment, and we're delighted to have them as a partner along with NEC and American Express. I'd like to congratulate Tiger on helping the World Golf Championships to get off to the start they did in the first year. His play, getting to the quarters here last year, winning at NEC, winning at American Express really kicked off the year. And it's fitting that we are recognized in a junior golf contribution, because of Tiger's great enthusiasm for growing the game and the way he's bringing millions to the game, is allowing the First Tee to recognize the success it's had just in the first two years. So Tiger we thank you for that as well. And now I'll turn it -- for the presentation of the medal I'll turn it back over to Joe Forehand. And as I do so congratulate Joe for taking the reins at Andersen Consulting this year as their new CEO.

JOE W. FOREHAND: Thanks, Tim, I'd like to echo that with the First Tee charity that Tiger's stand for kids and golf is very appropriate. Without further ado let's get the Andersen Consulting Medal. We'll get that to Tiger, and along with this, Tiger, there comes a cash award of 250,000, as well.

TIGER WOODS: Thanks, Joe. This is a neat award, I'm pretty excited to have contributed to the success of the World Golf Championships, to be a part of them. And to win a couple of them was definitely a nice little bonus. But last year was a good year, and I'm pretty proud of the way I played. I don't think my caddy's too upset that I won some of the World Golf Championships. Overall I'm very pleased and thanks again, Joe.

JAMES CRAMER: If we have any questions now pertaining just to the Andersen Consulting Medal, we'll take those, and then we'll move onto a more general pretournament interview with Tiger.

Q. What's the contribution to the First Tee?


Q. Tiger, what do you do with all these trophies?

TIGER WOODS: Put them in my house or my mom's. Sometimes my parents like getting some of the hardware, too.

Q. Does it cause you any back pain wearing that thing?

TIGER WOODS: Thank God I've been lifting.

JAMES CRAMER: I'd like to thank Commissioner Finchem and Joe Forehand for coming down.

End of FastScripts….

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