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November 5, 1999

Sergio Garcia


SERGIO GARCIA: I played better today. I hit the ball much better today. I had a lot of chances, but I just could not make them at the end. I had problems with the distances today. There are so many trees that you think there is no wind on the golf course but the wind was blowing. So in some of my shots I was either short or I went over. And it was a pity I made those bogeys. I think that I have been hitting the ball much better today. I am quite satisfied with the way I played. My putting was better today, although it was not great. And I have been making putts two, two and half meters and I know that with two good rounds I can still be up there.

Q. Sergio, what was the key to your round today?

SERGIO GARCIA: The key? It wasn't a great round. It could have been a much better round than it was. I just hit the ball much better, probably I just missed one shot, the one on 13 that I just hooked it a little too much. And the other shots were -- the other shots I missed the green were either short or long. So I hit the ball pretty solid today. I hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens. And just didn't quite finish it. But I don't think -- I hit the ball better.

Q. You feel confident now with the next couple of days ahead of you?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I feel confident and just trying to get my confidence back with my putter and things like that. I'm getting better. Hopefully I can have a couple of good rounds to finish with, and if not, we'll wait until the next tournament.

Q. Are you feeling better physically today than you were yesterday? You said you were ill yesterday or not feeling well yesterday?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, I feel a little better. I had a better night. This morning was so-so. But when I went out on the course after like four or five holes, I felt much better, and just played okay today. And it could have been a much better round, but I'm happy to shoot under par, and just trying to keep playing, keep in there.

Q. (Question in Spanish)

SERGIO GARCIA: (Answer was translated).

I think it should have been a much better round today, maybe 4- or 5-under par and I would have been up there in contention. Anyway, I'm quite happy with my game and with the way I played today. 69 on this golf course is never a bad round. It's been quite a good game, and probably if I want to be up there tomorrow I should shoot 5- or 6-under par.

Q. (Question in Spanish).

SERGIO GARCIA: (Answer was translated). He was asked about sometimes when he was putting, sometimes they could see him more anxious than others. He said: Well, I didn't hit some of the putts, and last week my putting was not great at all. Yesterday I didn't putt well, either. Today in many of my downhill putts I just thought, be careful. I didn't want to be too short, but on the other hand, I didn't want to be too aggressive and pass the hole. Let's see if I can putt a little bit better tomorrow. I have more confidence on my putting.

Q. How was it playing Davis for the first time since Boston? It looked as though you had a conversation out there?

SERGIO GARCIA: It was fine. He's a great man. We had a good time. He played pretty well and I had a lot of fun. It was nice. I think it was the first time I played with him. So it was nice to play with another new guy. And I was looking forward to it

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