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November 2, 1999

Paul Lawrie


Q. How much closer to playing your best golf were you last week, Paul, than you have been since the Open? You lost the ball on Sunday, and you had the ball drop against it on Saturday. But it appeared that you were much nearer to your best form; was that the case?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I think last week was the best ball-striking I've had since the Open. I played very well last week. The ruling -- was my mistake, I lost the ball just off the fairway on the third. No more than five or ten yards on the fairway, and I looked down and couldn't find the ball. Four shots in the space of 9 holes I gave away. I finished in the top-10, even with these things happening. I.

Q. Just talk about the change in your life from the start of the year, not the world rankings, but the fame that it's brought?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, obviously I've answered this question every press conference we've had. People know me more now than they did before, which is understandable. And golf is very popular there, everybody knows who the golfers are. But I walk down the street and everyone knows who you are, and they say hello. Things have changed a lot from that point of view. I don't get bugged at all, people leave me alone. It's a nice place to live.

GORDON SIMPSON: How much did you enjoy the Ryder Cup experience.

PAUL LAWRIE: I enjoyed most of it. Some of it wasn't very good, but you expect that. Losing wasn't the greatest of feelings, but I think we as a team did very well, and the first six players played fantastic golf. We came out Sunday, and overall we did well. You wouldn't want to not play, although some of it wasn't very pleasant. On the whole it was a good week.

GORDON SIMPSON: You enjoyed playing with the best players in the world.

PAUL LAWRIE: Definitely, you want to play against the best players in the world if you can, to put yourself against these guys is a great feeling. It's great when you get ahead of them. And you want to play against them every week.

Q. Paul, you'll be going head-to-head with Tiger in Hawaii later this year. What's the mindset for yourself and for the rest of the players in beating Tiger?

PAUL LAWRIE: I don't know. I've not played with him yet in a tournament. I haven't played with him when it's just me and him. But obviously the guy is the best in the world. He's won, what, seven tournaments this year. He's always the guy to beat. I'm looking forward to playing with him in Hawaii. I believe it might be stroke-play instead of match play. I'm looking forward to getting there and playing against him. I think I'll learn lots of things playing with him. Hopefully I can bring my A game and beat him if I can. But it's going to be tough. You never know, it's a funny old game.

Q. What have you actually heard about the Grand Slam, and what's happening, is that a rumor?

PAUL LAWRIE: No, I've not heard officially what's happening yet. I don't think they know themselves, yet. All I heard was a possibility. As of yet there's been no official word. We'll wait and see.

Q. You played with Monte?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yes, we played 18 holes. We had a nice day. Obviously playing around here, you've got to position the ball a bit more. He was talking through what clubs he hits off the tee. And he was fantastic again this morning. I learned a lot.

Q. (Inaudible.)

PAUL LAWRIE: I think I was 20th or 21st in the Volvo Masters. I don't really know -- obviously the course is fantastic. I'm looking forward to playing. But you never know -- if it's windy, it becomes difficult. But hopefully the weather will be nice.

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