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October 7, 2006

Paul Lawrie


ST.ANDREWS - 72. TOTAL: 208 (-7)

Q. Difficult day - how pleased are you with a 72?

PAUL LAWRIE: Not very, to be fair. I felt I got a little unlucky out there. I hit some nice shots, but that is what this course is all about. You hit the wrong side of the hump and it goes miles away. A tough day, as you say, so 72 is never that bad but left a few out there over the last six or seven holes.

Q. You are renowned as a good player in bad weather. Does that give you an advantage?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, I don't pray for the bad weather, but when it comes I'm not disappointed. My attitude is always really good in the bad weather and level par or one under can be a really good effort. I see it as a compliment.

Q. Is the work on your game still work in progress?

PAUL LAWRIE: I think we are working on everything. I have gone out this week and just tried to hit it without thinking, which is difficult when you are working on certain things. I tried to stand up and give it an old fashioned belt this week and it's been quite good. But the putter has been a bit cold and in weather like this, you have to putt good.

Q. Six behind - you have to go low. It's on, isn't it?

PAUL LAWRIE: If it's the same weather and you get to three or four under for the day and you've got a chance. It showed last year.

Kenny Ferrie had a bad day and he's a helluva player. It can happen to anyone. Harrington's 68 at Carnoustie shows how much ground you can make up in difficult conditions.

End of FastScripts.

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