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October 7, 2006

Bruce Bochy


Q. Bruce, Chris mentioned that in that sixth inning you went out and talked to him. Just talk about the approach going against Albert there. Was there any consideration of walking? Was it up to Chris at that point?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, with the lead we had, no. We weren't going to walk him. More than anything, I just wanted to see where he was at and what he had left.
And he said he was fine. He was all right. I said, "Go get him." He's been throwing well. You know, he was having a great game today. So you know, there's no thought on my side to walk him or take him out if he was feeling fine.
We had a couple guys ready down in the pen and more than anything just wanted to see what he had left in the tank. And he said he was all right.

Q. Bruce, yesterday you said you hadn't had any big hits in this series yet. But do you feel you had the big hits today?
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, we did. I mean Branyan got the huge hit there and Blum got the other run in, which was huge. We had a lot of opportunities. We couldn't cash in on a few of them. Hoping that didn't come back to haunt you.
But pitching did a great job. Chris Young, he's pitched great on the road all year. And he came through again today. And the bullpen did a nice job.
But we battled hard. Those guys played hard. And it's great to create those chances. You hope to cash in a little bit more, but their pitching did a good job to keep them in the game.

Q. Boch, just kind of expand on the pitching there about Chris Young, especially after the top of the first, when looked like you had some momentum. They kind of took it back. But for Young to put up zeros, how big that was for the ball club?
BRUCE BOCHY: It was huge. You know, first inning, that's a tough start for us, have a runner on third, nobody out and couldn't get a run in. They ran another great pick-off on us.
But Chris went out there and did what we needed. He put zeros on the board. And he's had a great year for us. And he continued today with the way he threw the ball. That's a tough lineup. And you know, just something about how he's pitched on the road, but also at home.
We have all the confidence in the world in this kid. And it's been a pleasure watching him pitch all year and to watch how he threw today. It's just indicative of how he's pitched all year and kept us in the game.

Q. Boch, your first post-season win against La Russa, the first RBI with a guy in scoring position, does it feel a little bit like you broke the seal a little bit in this game?
BRUCE BOCHY: A little bit. No getting around it. They've had their way with this. We're listening to, "Who is your Padres?" That's not fun to hear. They've been tough on us, '96, last year, and, you know, they're a good ball club. And they have beat a lot of people. But to finally break through, get a win, that's huge for us.
We're in a must-win situation. And we had to win today, and I liked the way the guys hit the field. We played well and, again, created those good situations. And finally got the hit we're looking for.
And it does give you a little sense of relief. You finally win a game against these guys in the playoffs. We played them tough in the season, but they've had their way in the playoffs, and took a well-pitched game. It all starts with our starter Chris Young.

Q. Bruce, today was another example of how much better you guys hit on the road than at home. What do you think was different for your hitters, why were they able to be so much more successful here today?
BRUCE BOCHY: We've talked about this quite a bit. We can't put our finger on exactly what's going on, why we hit better on the road. But the numbers show it. And I see it on a daily basis.
It shows that PETCO is a tougher park to hit in. But I think we're a better hitting club than what we've done there.
Earlier, couple years ago, there was talk about how big the park was, but that's not really in our hitters heads anymore. It's just one of those things that's hard to explain, why we do hit better on the road.
So I wish we could figure this out, because we take it back home with us.
But I will say the last two home stands of the regular season, we did swing the bats better and played much better. So that's very encouraging for us.

Q. Boch, got Pujols out in two key situations today. Did you take a different approach with him today?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, not really. I mean, we were forced into some tough situations where we had to pitch to him. And our pitchers made great pitches. I mean, we know how dangerous he is. Last thing you want to do is get caught to where you're in that situation. But we were.
And tip my cap to our pitchers because they made some quality pitches. And, you know, the guy, he's an incredible hitter. We've seen the damage done against us and the other teams.
But sometimes you're forced to pitch to him, which we were today. And we came out okay today. Hopefully we don't get in that situation too often.

Q. Bruce, in the middle of the Cardinals' order, Albert's Albert, and seems like Jim is coming around a little bit with the bat, but Scott Rolen is still kind of struggling. Do you guys plan to attack him a little bit more as the rest of the series goes on?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, we have so much respect for their lineup. We don't see it really an easy out in their lineup. So that's why I've talked about sometimes we have to pitch to Pujols, because we have respect for their other hitters and it's a good lineup. They're healthy. They've got Edmonds back. It's a different lineup with him in it. And of course their lead-off hitter.
But I'm not going to tell any pitcher to drop your guard, because they're professional hitters and they're good players and we feel the same about our guys.
So, no, there's no plan to attack any one guy.

Q. Bruce, can you talk about your starter for tomorrow? And if in fact it is Woody, can you just talk about the decision not coming back with Peavy?
BRUCE BOCHY: Woody is going to start tomorrow. We talked about it. But we have all -- first of all, we have so much confidence in Woody. I mean, he's pitched some big games for us in the stretch. He's been through it. That's where it really starts. As far as Jake, yeah, he's on normal rest, but, you know, probably as much as having confidence in Woody, we think Jake could use another day. He's pitched a lot of baseball this year.
And he's pitched a lot down the stretch, and we just think we're in a situation where we need to win two games and we're better off giving Jake another day versus pushing him. But really gets back to Woody. We think a lot of Woody Williams and he's done a terrific job for us, and really all of our starters, we have confidence in. So that's why Woody is going tomorrow.

Q. I think in three games now, both the bullpens combined have given up one win to [indecipherable]. Can you talk --
BRUCE BOCHY: Both pens have done a terrific job. We're happy with what we're getting. I'm sure they are, too. They did a great job today of keeping them in the game in their pen. We had some pretty good opportunities. We couldn't cash in. So the pens have come through for both clubs at this point. And you know, we knew coming into this series our pen and their pen, would play a huge part in it. And really has.
They I think have done a great job. I know you know they lost their closer, but their other guys have stepped up and done a good job for them. Two good left-handers and a righty, good matchups from day one and it's made it difficult for us.

Q. Bruce, I guess this will be the third time in 12 days you've seen Carpenter. One of the best, but does it help to see him so frequently?
BRUCE BOCHY: I'd rather not, to be honest. I mean, we know how good he is. I mean, this guy is one of the best pitchers in the game. And so if I had our way, we wouldn't see him three times in two weeks.
But you know, if you're going to go anywhere, you have to compete well against the best. And I think our guys have done a good job. We know what we're facing and how good he is and what a great game he threw the first game. And we're going to go out there and compete tomorrow.
MODERATOR: All right. Thanks a lot, Bruce.

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