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October 7, 2006

Chris Carpenter


Q. Carp, how does it feel to have your second chance to face the San Diego Padres tomorrow?
CHRIS CARPENTER: It doesn't feel any different than any other game. I mean, I need to go out and execute my game plan. I'll go home tonight and think about what I'm going to do and come in tomorrow ready to go.

Q. Chris, it will be your third start in a row against the same team. Have you ever done that before and is there any pluses or negatives to that?
CHRIS CARPENTER: I don't think I ever have. Not that I can recall. And you know, again, I think that no matter what game it is and, you know, how many times you've seen 'em, the goal is to execute pitches and execute your game plan. And if you can do that, you'll have success. If you can't, you won't.
So you know, I don't think there's any advantage. I don't think there's any disadvantage to it. I know they're going to be ready to play tomorrow, and they got a guy going out there that's very competitive in Woody, and a great pitcher, and I'm going to be the same way.

Q. About Woody, he's one of your ex-teammates, one of your friends on the pitching staff. Tell me about the friendly rivalry going up against him.
CHRIS CARPENTER: It's going to be fun. The thing about Woody is he's a professional. He's going to come out and battle. He's going to come out and be prepared. And he knows how to pitch. So I'm sure he'll have his A game tomorrow, and you know, I'm looking forward to a good game. And hopefully we can go out and get some runs off him. And I can do my job and shut them down.

Q. Despite having success in San Diego, explain the importance of doing well and sealing the deal here at home.
CHRIS CARPENTER: You know, again, tomorrow we're still -- we're still at the advantage. They gotta win both games, we have to win one. So tomorrow is a big game for them and, like I said, if I get prepared and come out and treat it like I normally treat it, and that's, you know, go out and execute and be prepared and compete, you know, hopefully we can do the things that we did the two games in San Diego, get a couple runs and pitch well in the bullpen and do a good job and play a good game and win and celebrate at home with the fans.

Q. Can you talk about the dilemma or challenge and maybe some challenges of facing a team as much as you have in this few of days against the Padres?
CHRIS CARPENTER: Yeah, I just answered that. I don't think there's any advantage or disadvantage. Like I said, you've established a game plan and you have to go out and execute. If I do that I'll be successful. If I do that I will be successful. And if I don't, I won't.

Q. Chris, this Cardinal team kind of came in as an underdog in this series. Can you talk about playing that role as opposed to the last two years when you guys came in as one of the favorites?
CHRIS CARPENTER: You know, I said it earlier at the beginning of the series, no matter how you get here, you're one of eight teams and anything can happen.
You've seen that in the past with some of the teams that have won. Other teams coming in that are supposed to be the teams that are going to win, end up not winning.
But, you know, like I said, you get a couple of guys throwing the ball well in the bullpen, couple guys swinging the bats, you don't know what can happen. Anything can happen. We played two quality games there in San Diego and came out on top. We had solid defense, solid bullpen, good starting pitches, scored some runs there, enough runs to win. Today we didn't do it. Like I said, we're in a position to win tomorrow and clinch it in front of our fans and hopefully we can go out and play a quality game and do that.
MODERATOR: Thanks a lot, Chris.

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