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October 7, 2006

Bruce Bochy


Q. Can we start with the lineup?
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, the lineup is pretty much the same lineup that we had out there when we faced Suppan before, last time we were here.
So the only difference is Walker is in the 2 hole and Giles is in the 3 hole.

Q. Where is Walker playing?
BRUCE BOCHY: What's that?

Q. Where is he playing, first, second or third?
BRUCE BOCHY: He's playing second.

Q. Brandon is in the lineup?

Q. But do you have a pitch for tomorrow?
BRUCE BOCHY: We have not announced one, no. At this point we'll use all of them today if we have to. So we'll get through this game and hopefully get a win and we'll announce it after the game.

Q. Bruce, does that mean Woody is in the bullpen today?
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, if we have got to use Woody in the bullpen, yes. He's available. Really all of them are. And you don't know how the game is going to go. So you know, when you're in a situation like we're in and one game from being out of it, you use everybody. You do all you can to win that game.

Q. You talked yesterday about possibly putting Khalil at shortstop. What finally made up your mind there and were there any other deliberations that you would share with us about moves you almost made?
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah. We talked at length about Khalil, and couple of things. I mean, one, Blum really has done a great job. He's been playing every day. He's been playing well down the stretch here in September. He's had success off of Suppan. And Khalil has not gotten a lot of playing time. And Khalil will admit that he's not going to be real comfortable up there at the plate, even though he's at the point now where he can take a pretty good swing.
And I didn't think it would be fair to the kid to throw him in there at this point.

Q. Boch, why didn't you guys even carry him on the roster? Why didn't you stay with Alexander who had been backing up for you and could play?
BRUCE BOCHY: Manny was not going to start. But Khalil, we used in Arizona for defense, and that's what we plan on doing now.
Now, you can see Khalil out there, but we still felt that we had our starting shortstop at a point where, you know, we had to start him we when could, and obviously we think a lot of Khalil.
And with him being healthier and close to 100 percent, that he would assume a similar role that Manny would assume, but yet, you know, if I had to start Khalil, which we did debate today, he could go out there and start.
So that was really a no-brainer for us, because they'll be using a very similar situation, late in the game, double switch or defense. And obviously we think overall, Khalil's our better player. He's our starting shortstop.

Q. Bruce, how do you balance the idea of you have to win today with knowing, if you do, you need a pitcher tomorrow and Monday?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I think when you're at this point you just try to win the game, then the next day you try to figure it out. I mean, you piece it together the best you can. But we're fine with the pitching. And, again, we have a couple good options. Really depends on what happens today. But when you're in a must-win situation, you don't worry about tomorrow. And that's the way we're approaching it right now.

Q. You know, last year you were in the same situation but you had Eaton pegged for the game four starter. What makes it different this year than last year?
BRUCE BOCHY: We thought we'd hold off right now and see where we're at. We have Jake who would be on normal rest. He definitely could go tomorrow. Last year we lost Jake that first game. So that changes the scenario a little bit better.
We're different where Jake is available, and a good chance that he could go tomorrow.

Q. Boch, the guys were pretty loose before game two, and then obviously the bats weren't there. Do you have any gauge at all on just the spirit and mood of the team and the challenge ahead of them?
BRUCE BOCHY: I think the mood and spirit of the club is very good. I mean, we've shown we've been resilient all year. We've had tough losses, losing streaks, and, you know, they've bounced back very well. And they're very upbeat right now. They know that, you know, we've got a steep climb but they also know that winning three games, it's been done. And it's a short series, anything can happen. We just gotta go out and win a ball game. Then we'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. And that's the only way to attack it right now.
But as far as where they're at, they feel good, and they should. I mean it's a club that has been resilient. And I really believe that they're going to come out and play their game today.
MODERATOR: All right. Thanks a lot, Bruce.

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