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October 6, 2006

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I putted better today and enjoyed making six threes in a row at one stage around the turn. Not through good iron shots but good 20 or 30 foot putts. That's the key. If you hole putts like that it makes a difference.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS: He putted his brains out! I've never seen anything like it. It was a joy to watch, a real treat. I finally got going when the wind abated but it's a lot of fun. He's a gentleman to play with.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Michael was good today, I can tell you that. Difficult on the way out with a left to right wind and he helped me by an extra six shots and we are lying eighth right now in the team thing which is better than last year. We have a chance to play an easy course tomorrow in Carnoustie so no sweat there! We'll have a real crack at this thing over the next two days.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I struggle with my nerves. I don't even know why I bother going to practice. I hit balls great then get out there at Kingsbarns yesterday and I duffed the first three shots. It's all nerves and it takes six or seven holes to settle down.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: 67 is okay. Disappointing to drop one on the 14th and for Michael to contribute six shots on top of my five is good going on any course. 61 is good golf and especially with the weather conditions like we had today.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I found out they don't have the expression 'ham and egging' it here.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: no, we say dovetailing! Ham and egg - we're not quite sure what that means.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS: Anyway, I wish I wasn't so nervous but it's a great opportunity. It's the only sport where you are allowed to play on the same playing field as the greatest players in the world and bless the handicap system for allowing it. It's a joy that they put up with us. I am trying to overcome my nerves. It's like stagefright out there.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I need another mid-sixties round at Carnoustie tomorrow. I'm the course record holder there. I like it and need a low one there and another low one here on Sunday. It was better today. It was embarrassing yesterday when my playing partner (Paul Casey) beat me by 10 shots!

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