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October 6, 2006

Joe Torre


Q. Obviously, this was a very different Kenny Rogers tonight than the one you had.
JOE TORRE: Well, not necessarily. He pitched a hell of a game tonight. I mean, you know, he didn't do well consistently for us; doesn't mean he didn't pitch any good games.
Kenny Rogers, he's pitched for a long time and there's a reason for it. You know, he was on a roll tonight. He kept us off-balance, moved the ball around, changed speeds. And you could see the fire at the end there with him. He just, you know, he wanted to finish it himself.

Q. Have you given any consideration about bringing Wang back? I know you sent him ahead, but does that factor in at all given where you're at now?
JOE TORRE: We didn't send him ahead. We just left him home.
No. This young man hasn't pitched this many innings and I'm not about to mess with his future. No, we have to deal with the people we have here. You know, we just need to win two games.

Q. Even more than a lack of scoring, is the inability to move runners. Could you just talk a little about the idea of not being able to move guys that are on base?
JOE TORRE: Yeah, we hit some balls hard. I mean, Kenny, even though we lost the game, I'm sort of happy the glove got it because it looked like it was going right at him, the one Jeter hit.
But we got a little overanxious at times. We're a better ballclub than that. Offensively, we came up empty tonight and didn't do all of the things we needed to do to win.
I thought Randy was fine. He gave up the three runs in the one inning, but I thought he showed consistency, good stuff, battled his tail off. But offensively, we just couldn't do anything, and when we started with base hits, we just, you know, couldn't produce.
Not much to talk about; we didn't do it.

Q. There was a line drive, I think it was Bernie Williams by the foul pole that looked like it was close. Do you think it had a chance? And did you think to argue it?
JOE TORRE: No. I can't argue. I was waiting for it to change direction, because you knew if it was going to be skimming by the pole, it would have changed direction. I didn't think it was on that side of the pole. When he first hit it, it looked like it was going to stay fair, but it just sort of fell off.
No, I figured it was a foul ball because the only thing I was hoping for was it sort of hits the pole on the way by where, you know, we change directions. You know, he hit the ball good. That had a chance to get us back in the game. But it wasn't that big.

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