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October 5, 2006

Sam Torrance


A. Played lovely. Wee bit unlucky on the eighth. Hit a lovely shot in and it is a very difficult green and just caught the side and ran off down the left side of the green. It was my only bogey but not much you can do. Q. You obviously love this event given your record and winning with Daniel three years ago? A. It's good fun. They are great courses. I love playing links golf. We don't get that much chance to play it and to play these three courses is just fantastic. Q. Which is your favourite? A. St. Andrews, no question. St. Andrews because of the course. Q. You are capable of winning this? A. Who knows. I struggle with the length. The Old Course yesterday, I played in the practice round I have never hit clubs into the back nine like that in my life. There wasn't even much wind. The 14th, par five, I hit good drive and three wood and didn't even reach Hell Bunker. I don't know what I will do tomorrow. Hopefully there is no wind or it is downwind. Q. What is the strongest part of the game at the moment? A. It is all round pretty good. I have been working hard on my swing and not perfect but it is as good as it has been for a long time. I have been playing consistently well all year. Q. Nice playing with Daniel? A. It's great playing with him. Good lad. Working away. Q. What have you been doing in the build up - gather fish and chips has been on the menu? A. Fish and Chips Monday night and Tuesday. Absolutely and very good too. Went to the movies last night instead. Went to see Click. Adam Sandler. Q. Clicked as your swing did today? A. Clicked. Very good. Q. What is the difference between the Seniors and coming back here? A. The level of play here is a lot higher and the depth is a lot more. It is four rounds and not three. Much longer course. Need I say more. I know where I belong. I belong on the Seniors Tour. I would love to be out here still but it is a long hard slog. And I have been winning which is something I have enjoyed all my life and it is nice to be winning again.

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