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October 4, 2006

Jimmie Lee Solomon

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Game Two (Postponed)

Q. Apparently the Tigers, there was some confusion here, the Yankees apparently knew this game was going to be cancelled and the Tigers did not know, or at least I guess ESPN people or somebody told the Yankees it was probably going to be cancelled and Verlander was warming up and Mussina never warmed up?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: I understand he did some soft tossing and some stretching but he didn't do any real pitching. We wanted to get the game started, we thought we could. The forecast indicated we could get in two, three innings tops and would have to stop again for an hour and a half, to two hours, we didn't want to burn up two pitchers if we had that coming through. We reconvened, talked, we had the Tigers representatives with us and we made a decision jointly with the commissioner.

Q. Were you lobbied by the Yankees at all or did you -- maybe that's too strong a word but did you consult with the two teams and were they pressing you to postpone it?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: Pressing is too strong a word, also. Both teams wanted to get a full nine innings in, which is understandable. We all wanted to get that in. We did consult with both teams. They were willing to do whatever we thought was proper and in this case we all decided it was not proper to continue.

Q. Are both parties on board with the decision at this point is this?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: Yes, they are.

Q. What time was the decision made?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: We originally, when the rain first stopped, it was about -- I guess about 9:30 when the rain stopped, and we removed the tarp from the field.
At that point in time, we thought we would be able to go. We then sat down and looked at the forecast again and decided to call both teams in.
At that point in time, I don't know exactly the time at that point, but maybe 5- to 10 minutes thereafter, we decided we probably needed to look at the forecast more intently because we didn't want to burn up two pitchers.

Q. Do you talk to weather service, or who helps you with that aspect in the decision?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: As you can tell, I'm not a weather expert myself. We do consult with a weather expert, a meteorologist. We also have radar down in the bowels of this building. We go through this intently along with the head groundskeeper, crew chief, who also can read weather somewhat. But we do have an expert backing us up, yes.

Q. Can you just take us through, what's the mechanism for communication with the two clubs, and were they both informed simultaneously?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: Human beings, I can't say simultaneously, but cell phones don't work in the bottom of this building. So we send people to both clubs and let them know what our thinking is at that time. So I don't know who got there first or whether they got there simultaneous, but about the same time, yes, they both were informed.

Q. Game 3 still goes on schedule on Friday?
JIMMIE LEE SOLOMON: That's the plan.
Thank you guys very much. Appreciate it.

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