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October 4, 2006

Grady Little


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Grady.

Q. Can you address Joe Beimel and why he was left off the roster, what's going on with the finger there?
GRADY LITTLE: Well, Joe has had a very unfortunate accident. He cut his finger on his left hand with a piece of glass and he'll be unavailable in this series. He's been replaced on the roster with Chad Billingsley.

Q. He's gone back to LA to have it examined? Any news on whether he'll need surgery or anything?
GRADY LITTLE: We're unsure of that right now. He has gone back to LA to get our doctors there to look at it, fix it. It's very unfortunate in the fact that this guy's been a big contributor to our ballclub throughout the season, and we'll miss him.

Q. Did he try to throw yesterday or today, or there was no chance?
GRADY LITTLE: You don't have a microphone (smiling).
But since you're in the front row, he did come out early this morning, tried to throw, but it wasn't gonna happen.

Q. Was it a tough call to not put an extra left-hander on? I know you have Hendrickson on, but did you think about other left-handers?
GRADY LITTLE: It was a tough call, but as we've been doing our business all season long, instead of looking at righties or lefties, we're going with the best stuff. Chad Billingsley is the person we've chosen to take his place on the roster. Chad has been working out of the bullpen recently and is ready to do whatever we ask.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about what Kuo showed you the last time he was pitching against the Mets?
GRADY LITTLE: Well, I think he showed us the same thing he showed the whole world - he's not scared of anyone, he's got good stuff, he challenged the hitters, he works fast. That's all we're looking for right here in the game tomorrow.

Q. When you deal with a guy like Reyes, is there a fine line between worrying about stealing bases and getting distracted by the fact that he does steal bases and not concentrating on the hitter as much?
GRADY LITTLE: Our number one concern with Mr. Reyes is try to keep him off the bases. We're gonna try to keep him from stealing first base, and from there we'll deal with it. He's a big part of their lineup, and he's certainly one that we put a lot of attention to.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Grady.

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