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October 4, 2006

Ken Macha


Q. Can you just talk a little bit about Loaiza today and your pitching over all these first couple games. Do you think, is there another manager in the playoffs who feels better about their pitching than you do about yours now?
KEN MACHA: I will just talk about Loaiza, let's put it that way. No, the game that he is pitching since the All Star break, he uses his cutter both sides of the plate, pretty much put the ball right where he wanted to. One thing I will say, their hitters did a great job of making him work for everything that he had -- or that he got, to the point where you got right to almost 100 pitches, it looked like he was a little bit out of gas.
So E-Lo controlled the running game, which he does very well, and didn't walk anybody, made them put it in play, I thought his cutter was very good today.
And we get to our bullpen, our bullpen has pitched good for us and all year, Kiko come out and get three outs for us, Duchscherer, six hitters, six outs, and, of course, Street with the save.
So the pitching today, I thought we did a great job of pitching, two homeruns and that was it.

Q. How is Mark Ellis?
KEN MACHA: He is on the way getting x-rayed, so for Mark Ellis to want out of the game, it's probably not good news. But I asked him how he was doing, he said get somebody ready for defense, that's probably not a good sign, either. So hopefully, he will be all right. It's -- I think the index finger of the right hand.

Q. Can you talk about Kotsay's ball and Torii making a dive at it? Were you surprised to see that play?
KEN MACHA: Well, Torii normally catches everything, number one. I would vote for him the Gold Glove every year. It's probably the knuckle ball, sinker line drive, tough play, comes in, dove for it, gets by him.
We had a play like that at home against the Angels. Payton comes in for the third ball and wound up scoring the tying run. So, in retrospect, probably look at it and say I probably shouldn't have done that, but it's tough to say why you are going after it. Normally he comes up with all his plays.

Q. I didn't see this myself, but on TV they were talking about some kind of an altercation between Loaiza and Bradley. Are you aware of that?
KEN MACHA: Loaiza and Bradley? There is a tremendous amount of intensity on our bench, and we have we got a little fired up that inning, went out there, got two consecutive doubles, so the intensity overflowed.
I have no problem with any of that. One thing I would like to talk about, no-one is going to ask, but our shortstop probably was the key to the whole game. He had six ground balls -- or eight ground ball outs hit to him, caught the last ball, got up with a runner on second, nobody out twice, first time he knocks them in and hits a double, next time he moves a runner over to third, and we get an extra run, so he personally counted for three runs and did a tremendous job in the field.
This guy gets under the radar all the time. To me he was the key to the whole game today.

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