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May 17, 2002

Chris Drury

Adam Foote

Peter Forsberg

Mike Keane


Q. Peter, would you recommend everybody take the regular season off?

PETER FORSBERG: No, you know, it's tough in the beginning coming back. I guess I'm doing many defensive things wrong. But other than that, I think it's getting better and better.

Q. Peter, how does your hand feel?

PETER FORSBERG: My hand is good.

Q. Do you guys think this series will eventually be a Dominik Hasek-Patrick Roy battle which will maybe determine the outcome?

ADAM FOOTE: Well, I think there is a lot of good players. Both teams are well balanced, and I don't know if the /PHAE will make it into that but we can't think about that as players. We have to be ready and go out and do our jobs.

Q. Has the rivalry stayed as intense as it was, say, the '95-'96 season with the faces changing? Has it lessened?

ADAM FOOTE: There is two teams trying to get to the final, and two great teams. And over the years we have had playoff series and battles. You know, the main thing is getting to where we both want to go and we have to go through each other. And, you know, I think you said it: There has been a lot of new faces. And I don't think we can think of it as a rivalry and get distracted. I think we have to be focused on our job and not worry about what has happened in the past as a group.

Q. Do these teams hate each other, do you think?

ADAM FOOTE: I don't know, that's a big word. That's a strong word. Again, I don't think we can lose focus and get involved in things like that off the ice. I don't think -- that's a big distraction. I don't think we should get involved in that.

Q. Peter, about six months ago when you were contemplating retirement or sitting out for a while, did you envision ever being back in this type of position playing as well as you have been?

PETER FORSBERG: Of course I was hoping to come back in January. So, I mean, coming this far, and now we're here in Detroit playing the Conference Final, you know, it's on the way. I mean, of course, you dream about playing in the Stanley Cup Finals and winning the Cup. And this is part of the way. Of course it's been good. It is been a good run so far in the playoffs. But it's a long way to go.

Q. Another question for Peter. Even your opponents say you're the kind of guy who would rather knock someone over rather than go around them, you go in the corners every time, you never take a shift off. Why do you play with such intensity, and does that cause so many injuries to you?

PETER FORSBERG: Well, I don't know. Of course I had a few injuries throughout my career, but I think it's the way, you know, hockey is played nowadays. You have to play physical every game and every shift. You can't take a shift off. And you go out and play as hard as you can. If injury happens, it happens. You can't go out and think about it at all. You have to go out and do your best. That's what I'm trying to do every shift, game out and game in.

Q. Chris, you play obviously with some of the greatest players in the world. You look at guys like Hull, Robitaille, and Yzerman, do you totally ignore that, or is it hard not to realize the starpower on the other team?

CHRIS DRURY: Well, I think certainly I'm aware of who they have in their lineup. When the puck drops you play to win and you compete, no matter who it is.

Q. For anybody, really. But could you just talk about the Wings' defense beyond Chelios and Lidstrom, we hear about them a lot. What about the other four guys?

MIKE KEANE: They're very solid, get the job done, they're they intense, very disciplined. They've all played a long time. Fischer and Cheli had to take him under his arm I guess and tell him to play very hard. We know what they have to do. They're going to play lots of minutes so we have to get in there and make sure they don't do things they normally do that's get time to go make plays and be physical. It should be fun.

Q. I was wondering we were listening to a bunch of Wings before this and everybody seems to be almost tripping over themselves to say the right thing, to not give another team something to post on the bulletin board to be very complementary of the other team. Are these teams so close that you really want to keep your yap shut in that regard, Yzerman even said we're not going to say anything if we think it ---

MIKE KEANE: I'm keeping my yap shut. I think everyone knows we match up very well. There is obviously great goaltending, sold defense, both very well coached, so, you know, with the last series I think it comes down to special teams, lucky bounce here and there. I think a lot of people wouldn't say it but this is the matchup a lot of people wanted this is a real fun time to play hockey.

Q. Adam, you have had a chance to, of course, play with Joe for quite a few years but also Steve Yzerman. Did you talk a little bit what's similar about their games and what's different about their approach to the game?

ADAM FOOTE: I think they're very similar. They're both leaders on their teams and both players that came into the league and were power offensive players. In order to win, they both added defense to their game and they play all over the ice and compete every night and that's where they're very similar. If he wants to get down to analyze it, they're different scorers and things like that, but I think overall they're similar players. They've had similar careers and they do what it takes to win.

Q. Adam, you have experienced how (inaudible) how difficult has been to score on the Red Wings in the past year?

ADAM FOOTE: I'm not a goal scorer so I don't have to worry about it too much I think. You have to respect it. You look at tape. You have to get traffic in front of them. You see weird goals come in. You would see what a goalie would call a bad bounce. It's like any goalie, you have to take that approach. I don't think you can play mind games with yourself as an scorer as a team and get it in your head that you can't score on a guy like that. You have to keep it simple and worry about what you do and see what happens.

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