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June 7, 2001

Scott Stevens


SCOTT STEVENS: We changed our game a bit and didn't keep playing the same way. Didn't get the puck in. We started trying to do things ourselves a bit. You got to play for each other and just got to go back there and do it the hard way. We have been doing it the hard way the whole Playoffs and now we have to go back on the road. We have played well on the road and hope we get a win.

Q. Did the disallowed goal affect the team at all?

SCOTT STEVENS: I don't think so. I mean, I think I saw it was kicked pretty much. I really didn't think it was going to count from what I saw.

Q. Seems like this is a game that really didn't wear down the team, probably will go in fresh Saturday; do you feel like that?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, I don't think we wore them down too much. We get the puck in deep a few times, we started throwing the puck over the line, and kind of let them off the hook. We have got to keep it down low, cycle it and not just throw it blindly, make them work and tire them out a bit. Like I said, we threw it away a few times; that was it.

Q. Were you satisfied with the team's effort?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think every -- we always -- I mean at this time of year you work hard. Obviously we didn't get the outcome we'd like, but we have got a chance and that's the bottom line. We have got to put this aside and go and play our best game.

Q. You were getting treatment. Are you all right?

SCOTT STEVENS: I am just icing. I am fine.

Q. Kind of tough to swallow that now two years in a row where you guys failed to close it out at home?

SCOTT STEVENS: No, I mean if we start thinking about that, we got one more game left and we are looking forward to it, we love playing on the road. We have played well on the road. We have done it the hard way all Playoffs and we are going to do it hard way again.

Q. You got a lot of guys in this room that have been through the Playoffs going into Game 7. Can you draw on the leadership in the locker room here?

SCOTT STEVENS: We have had leadership. Everyone has been great. Kenny Daneyko, all the guys that have been here a long time the room have been great, been very positive. We couldn't ask for more. We were ready for this game right from the start. And sometimes it just doesn't happen. But we have another chance. We are going to go up there and go for it.

Q. Were you surprised of Patrick Roy's game?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, he played well. Rebounds, we had a tough time getting to. I don't think we drove the net as much as we'd like to. I think we need to get to the net a little more; drive the net and create some screens and look for some tips and rebounds and I don't think we did a good enough job in that area tonight.

Q. Any special formula for Game 7 or is it just kind of like two heavy weights?

SCOTT STEVENS: Just get back to playing for each other and playing the Devils' hockey. I mean, tonight we wanted to try to do it ourselves and be the hero. It doesn't work that way. You've got to play for each other in this game; you've got to do it together. That's what we have to do up there in Colorado.

Q. After Game 1 you really bounced -- (inaudible)--

SCOTT STEVENS: The whole team has played well on the road. We win together and lose together. That's the bottom line. The best thing is we have another chance.

Q. Did you notice that Brodeur might have been hurting a little bit during the game?

SCOTT STEVENS: I didn't notice that. I am sure everyone has bangs right now and we fight through it, both sides, both teams. It has been a long year, long series, down to Game 7.

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