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June 18, 1999

Dominik Hasek

Jay McKee

Darryl Shannon


Q. Is Dallas delivering a lot of cheap shots?

JAY McKEE: I think in the last game the refs were letting us play. There were some cheap shots that I feel got away but at the same time we had some as well. I think that at this point in the season it is going to get very emotional and teams are going to get chippy; if they can do things behind the play they are going to do it.

Q. Darryl Shannon returning to the lineup as a replacement for Rhett Warrener?

JAY McKEE: Yeah, I played with Darryl most of the season, all season long actually until Rhett got here in the middle of March at the trade deadline. We are very used to each other. I am very comfortable playing with Darryl.

Q. Is it comfortable because Rhett is a righthanded shot and Darryl is a lefthanded shot?

JAY McKEE: Yeah, Darryl played righthanded all season long, so that is nothing new to us also. Darryl was one of our most consistent players over the season, I think he ended up with a plus 30. Apart from his being maybe a little bit nervous I think he did a hell of a great job for us.

Q. (Inaudible)

JAY McKEE: Well, I think we have gotten used to it. I think as each round has gone on its gotten a little more chippier, a little more dirtier, yeah, you got to keep your head up especially behind the play but I don't think that has taken away if from my game.

Q. You had such a chemistry with Rhett. How do you put that all behind you right now this late in the campaign?

JAY McKEE: Well, Rhett has played great hockey for us and I think that to win we have got to win as a team. It is not going to be myself and Rhett that are going to determine whether the team goes on or not. I think Darryl has played tremendous all season long. Obviously you can't play eight defense or we would and that is why he has been the odd man out. I think it is going to be much easier for myself and Darryl to adapt because of the fact that we have played together all season long.

Q. What happened in the last few minutes last night? Was that maybe your guy's frustration coming out?

JAY McKEE: I think that is just the emotions running high at this time of the season. It has been a long series, a long Playoff for both teams, when it comes down to the last minute of a game and one team is up by two or three goals, I think that is going to happen in any series no matter which teams are playing.

Q. (Inaudible)

JAY McKEE: We perhaps instigated it and I think we were quite frustrated. Any time at the end of a game that is important, you can't score a goal, you are going to get frustrated. It is partially due to some of the cheap shots that were laid out during the game and partially due, I think, to our frustrations.

Q. (Inaudible)

JAY McKEE: They have got us playing at home and I think our record is now 9 and 1 in the Playoffs at home or 8 and 1 so we are a very good home team and a lot of people are going to count us out now that they are up 3-2 and I think a lot of people counted Dallas out when they were down 3-2 to Colorado. But they showed that they could play through it and I think we can too.

Q. (Inaudible)

JAY McKEE: With one win here at home where we have been very successful it is down to a seven-game situation where anything can happen.

DOMINIK HASEK: Now every game is a must-win game for us. Game 6 we have to win.

Q. Do you think you have to play the perfect game; if you make one little mistake it shows up?

DOMINIK HASEK: Yeah, it looks like it. Like I said it is a must-win game. I cannot make any mistakes. I don't know if no goals, one goal, two goals, you can't say before the game, but I have to play a game without mistakes.

Q. Do you feel advantage here at home for Game 6?

DOMINIK HASEK: Well, it is a small advantage to be home, but I know the Dallas team, they will be very focused tomorrow and they will try to do everything to win here in Buffalo because they don't want to go to Game 7 and our goal is to win this game and play one more game.

Q. Do you think their experience, has been a factor so far; they have got so many guys who have been there before?

DOMINIK HASEK: I think, yeah, experience is an important part of the game. They are a very experienced team. They have a really tough defense. I can see from goal it is very difficult to get chances, to go through players like Hatcher and Zubov and Matvichuk. They have a very good defense. This is the key why they are leading right now.

Q. Lindy and Michael Peca were both saying that that experience is also leads to dirty play, that they know how to be dirty. Do you feel they are dirtier than some other teams and is it affecting you?

DOMINIK HASEK: Well, a little bit. Of course they are experienced and they know how to be dirty, but I don't pay much attention to this like I say, because I try to make it my job to stop the puck. I don't pay attention to the dirty play.

Q. Has it affected your play at all, either coming out of the net or when you are in the crease?

DOMINIK HASEK: No, I am fine. It is part of the game, it is part of the Playoffs. Sometimes they go after me, sometimes they are smart, they know what to do, they know who is the referee, you know, what they can do in this game; what they can do in the other game, they are very smart, they are an experienced team.

Q. Do you feel any added pressure tomorrow night?

DOMINIK HASEK: Every game is pressure. There is big pressure every game. There is big pressure on the goalie, but especially now it is a must-win game and I know I cannot make any mistakes. Big pressure, of course.

Q. Do you liken the pressure of the Stanley Cup to the Olympics?

DOMINIK HASEK: Yeah, very similar right now, same like olympics; we have to win this game. It is a must-win game in the Olympics.

DARRYL SHANNON: Waiting a long time. This is what you play hockey for; Playoffs and win the Stanley Cup and looking forward to it.

Q. Talk about the emotions after the first game in the Ottawa series when you were taken out of the lineup and now a couple months later getting back into the lineup at this point?

DARRYL SHANNON: Well, started off with the Ottawa, we won it, a tough game, very disappointing to get out of the lineup, but in that situation you think what is best for the team and at that point Lindy decided to change the lineup and that was obviously best for the team.

Q. Lindy thought you could bring a little more offense powerplay at this point, also mentioned your one-time shot as well. Talk about how you feel you can help here with the backs against the wall?

DARRYL SHANNON: I don't really know if I am going to improve on any one thing. I think I just have to try go out there and play a solid game all around and not allow anything to happen defensively. Whatever happens offensively will happen, we just have to concentrate. I have to concentrate on defense.

Q. Talk about your coverage at all, putting all those hours an hours of practice in to stay sharp, you knew you were going to in when you were practicing today. How was it different?

DARRYL SHANNON: I guest the only difference would be just a little more excited, nervous, other than that it is just another practice. That is pretty much all. Maybe my concentration and focus was a little bit more -- a little sharper today, but in general, even other practices even though it is a little tough you don't think you are going to get the opportunity, you still have to practice as if you were.

Q. How long before you can get a read on them once you are out on the ice? It is different when you are playing than when you are watching them.

DARRYL SHANNON: I think you pretty much know I have watched all the games so far and pretty much know what to expect. Just very well disciplined team, smart, and good work ethic. They just have an all-around good team. It is just going to be a tough game.

Q. How hard was it to say it is good for the team, but it is bad for me coming out of the lineup?

DARRYL SHANNON: Well, making it to the Stanley Cup has made it a lot easier, it would be an it would be more frustrating if we maybe got knocked out in the first series or something and only opportunity to play one game. Just look at the team our team has played so far in this Playoffs, everyone has played really well. There hasn't been anyone to take care of nobody what has really played bad.

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