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October 2, 2006

Chien-Ming Wang


Q. How much do you think the Playoff start you had last year helps you get ready and be prepared for the one this year?
CHIEN-MING WANG: First Major League last year a lot of things going.

Q. How nervous are you if at all and how excited are you to open the Playoffs, be the number one starter?
CHIEN-MING WANG: Very happy in the Playoff.

Q. Nervous?
CHIEN-MING WANG: In the field no; in here, yes. (Laughter.)

Q. What do you think of the Tigers lineup. How much do you know about them?
CHIEN-MING WANG: We go over today and see the hitters and see the hitters.

Q. How unusual was the preparation before this game between the other games coming in the season? How different did you prepare?
CHIEN-MING WANG: I feel the same in the season and in the Playoffs, same.

Q. At the start after the season you were the number 3 pitcher. Now in the Playoffs you are going to be in the first game. Do you feel like was that an accomplishment for you? Are you surprised to be starting Game 1 after coming into the season?
CHIEN-MING WANG: Yeah, I am very surprised coming into the Playoffs that I am the first pitcher.

Q. Why do you think you got that?
CHIEN-MING WANG: Keep pitching good games.

Q. Are you aware of how important your success is to the people back home and how excited they are about it; do you get messages from back home to indicate that?
CHIEN-MING WANG: The Taiwan people see a lot of Taiwan people when they play in the Majors and (they are) very excited in the Playoffs.

Q. Have you had a lot of people ask you for tickets and do you have anybody coming from home to see the game?
CHIEN-MING WANG: Yeah, a lot. (Laughter.)

Q. Who is getting the tickets?
CHIEN-MING WANG: A lot of friends coming from Taiwan, come to here to see the game.

Q. Is your family coming to the game?

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