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March 9, 2006

Jimmy Balderson

Trent Plaisted

Dave Rose


THE MODERATOR: Now joined by BYU head coach Dave Rose, Jim Balderson and Trent Plaisted.
Coach, begin with some general opening comments.
COACH DAVE ROSE: Well, I thought it was a really hard-fought battle between two good teams. Both teams had a lot of chances. It came down to the wire. They made some big plays, won the game.
Proud of my players. I think the guys played really hard. We fought pretty hard. We just came up a couple points short.
THE MODERATOR: Questions now directed to the student-athletes.
Q. Trent, can you talk about your battle with Luke and what, if anything, was said at halftime. You certainly caught on fire in the second half.
TRENT PLAISTED: Luke Nevill is a good player. He had a career night tonight. He's a nice guy. I mean, there's not much to say about our battle. I mean, we're two players. We're playing as hard as we could.
At halftime, I mean, things were said that needed to be said. I needed to come out and play harder. That was apparent. That's what I was informed of. That's maybe a credit to me playing a little bit better in the second half.
Q. Jimmy, Trent went on his run, then you went on a seven-point spurt. Did you feel like when you got your run later in the game, that's what you would need and probably be enough to carry you the rest of the way?
JIMMY BALDERSON: Well, I thought we made a good run in the second half. I thought -- you know, we were up. We just let it slip away there in the end. You know, the breaks didn't go our way. It hurts, losing this game.
You know, we played hard. They played hard. They just got the bounces at the end of the game.
Q. The rebounding margin was 37 to 21. Can you talk about why that happened, Trent?
TRENT PLAISTED: They did a good job of really attacking the offensive boards. We maybe didn't do such a great job of blocking them out and getting rebounds.
I don't know how to answer. I mean, rebounding is -- we just didn't get the job done tonight. Me, myself in particular, I needed to rebound the ball better.
Q. Jimmy, could you explain their extended defense and their transition defense. In the first half they did a good job of that, maybe what you did to change and adjust to that.
JIMMY BALDERSON: We've had trouble all year when teams pressure us. Until we learn, you know, to be strong, attack the basket more. In the first half, I thought we were tentative. We weren't attacking the basket. We were letting their pressure get to us. We weren't playing our game. They were playing -- they were controlling the tempo.
We can't afford to get down like that in the first half. But, you know, they did a good job pressuring. We just needed to be tough the whole game and attack the basket the whole game.
Q. Coming into this tournament, there was a lot of talk that you were on a roll and maybe could play your way into NCAA at-large consideration. What are you going to be like this weekend? Do you think that's a possibility?
JIMMY BALDERSON: I don't know. We'll see what happens. It's not in our hands. It would have been nice to get this win, be able to keep playing more basketball. We'll see whatever happens. Wherever they put us, they put us. We'll just keep looking forward to playing the next game.
Q. Trent?
TRENT PLAISTED: I agree with Jimmy. We had no control over anything now. I mean, all we got to do is just wait it out. Whatever happens is -- whatever they tell us where we're going to go, that's where we'll go.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, guys. We'll let you go.
Q. Coach, this is the first time your team has lost a real close game. Did you see this coming in any way? How did they react afterwards? What did you say to them?
COACH DAVE ROSE: It's a real disappointed group. They fought and battled. It was exactly like the last eight or nine games we've played.
I think that if you want to look at one thing, what was the key, what happened, what didn't happen, the fact that they had 16 offensive rebounds and got second chances a lot of times, especially late in the game. When we got the lead, there was a couple times we got a stop, then we couldn't get the rebound, they got second chances. I think that was probably the determining factor.
Q. Were you surprised about how Utah came out at the end of that game and was fouling? Is there anything you could have done to counter that at all?
COACH DAVE ROSE: Hey, we got exactly what we could out of that. We got a miss. We got the ball scrabbled. If we could have just secured it, picked it up and scored, we would have got the thing in overtime.
There's three or four different strategies you can use at the end of the game. They did a good job when they got the lead of choosing the strategy to foul. But our guys battled. We battled right to the end.
Q. Brock didn't get a shot till about five minutes left in the game. Can you talk about what Utah did? Do you feel like Brock was a focal point for their defense there?
COACH DAVE ROSE: I think they did a good job on Brock. He's actually been sick the last couple days. Didn't practice one day, and practiced just a little bit yesterday. That's probably a factor.
Q. Can you talk about what you think your NCAA possibilities are at this point.
COACH DAVE ROSE: I'm not really educated on that. We just feel bad that we're not playing anymore. I think the more you win, the better chance you have. In this situation, we don't get to play tomorrow. We'll just wait and see.

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