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June 1, 2006

Steve Nash


Q. Steve, you seemed to be in kind of a running debate with the refs tonight. Was it something that you thought you had to stick up for yourselves or did you feel it caused you to lose an edge?
STEVE NASH: Well, I just felt like we couldn't get a break. I was just trying to plead a little bit of our case so maybe we'd get a call down the line.
But, you know, I think that regardless they made a lot of shots when it counted, and, you know, even if we didn't get a call, it wasn't really the telling factor, necessarily. I thought they played really well.
Q. Steve, what happened there in the fourth when the Mavs made the final push, is that simple as Nowitzki taking it over or was there more to it?
STEVE NASH: He played unbelievable. Bad breaks, Shawn fought around in front, did a great job. And for some reason they called a foul. So that's his fourth. He goes to the bench. There in the bonus, I think. Then we get the -- they make a shot, then we get the double technicals, the ball on the side, they score.
A bunch of stuff happened and they made all the shots at the same time. So you give them credit for that.
Q. Steve, you've known Dirk for years now. Is this one of his more impressive scoring performances?
STEVE NASH: It was outstanding. I don't know what his line was. Didn't feel like he missed very often. Yeah, he was tremendous, what can I say.
Q. Steve, talk about Tim tonight and how big he was for you guys?
STEVE NASH: Tim was unbelievable. We went on that run there and he made a bunch of threes for you us and gave us a 77-70 lead. We were in position, didn't score a lot after that.
Q. Seems like Josh Howard is hurting you. No one talks about him, but he seems to hurt you as well?
STEVE NASH: He's a great athlete. He's shooting the ball well. He's a tough cover.
Q. Did they do anything in particular on you or anything a little different that gave you a few different looks, but was there anything that --
STEVE NASH: Not really. No. I missed a lot of good shots tonight. Just had one of those nights. I felt good. I felt a lot of them were going in. They just didn't fall for me.
Q. Steve, seemed like Raja was a great inspiration to you guys when you were home in Phoenix. What's going to happen this time when you play on Saturday?
STEVE NASH: We just want to play well. We didn't actually play very well, but we fought well for a long time tonight. And then, you know, they got separation from us, and we didn't play well after that. So we just want to play a better game and put together 48 minutes like we did in Game 5 -- 4. What was that, 4?
Q. 4?
STEVE NASH: I'm losing track. We've gone to seven games almost three times now.

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