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May 29, 2006

Steve Nash


Q. Last night, is that fatigue, emotion? What do you attribute that to?
STEVE NASH: (Inaudible) at this point this season. It's unacceptable for me. (Inaudible) team. We worry about each game and not worry about the next one. We have to be extremely tough and show a lot of character to play with solid guys this far in the season.
Q. (Inaudible) toughness, you know, now (inaudible) maybe an emotional lift?
STEVE NASH: Of course it could. But he hasn't played basketball in three and a half months. Give us some toughness, personality and experience, keep up with the pace of the game in this late in the season.
It's tough to ask for the Western Conference Finals after three and a half months, so I don't know what the answer is there.
Q. (Inaudible) specific to get you back to being able to (inaudible)?
STEVE NASH: It's just all a mind set. We just gotta -- we're not just talking about it, we gotta do it.
Q. What are the specific things that helped you guys (inaudible)?
STEVE NASH: Take one leg up, put it down.
Q. (On the team being tired)?
STEVE NASH: It's irrelevant. You just gotta -- we did a good job. (Inaudible) last night. Played good defense. And we gotta run. We didn't run.
Q. Your (inaudible) style, approach (inaudible)?
STEVE NASH: Avery, you know, it goes to post ups and (inaudible) you know they're a team that doesn't get a lot of assists. They have big guys to play big guys with length to anchor that defense.
We don't have that. We can't anchor a game with defensive end. We have to really move the ball and make one another better and make our parts collectively better than they are.
Q. (Inaudible) different personality-wise?
STEVE NASH: Yeah, I suppose. Avery is obviously a no nonsense guy (inaudible) pretty hard and --
Q. Steve, struggle offensively, (inaudible) defensively or not doing offensively?
STEVE NASH: I don't want to discredit them, but we're not playing the way we've played for a long time. We've lost our discipline in the way we play, the way we run, the way we move the ball. And we've, you know, kind of just fallen asleep at the wheel and not played our style.
So we've had good first halves and then just kind of lost our way in the second halves.
Q. Why do you think that way?
STEVE NASH: Maybe it's fatigue or lack of discipline. When you're tired, you have to fight through it. We just can't allow that to creep in.
Q. Do you have a sense with Dallas, beat you guys up a little bit?
STEVE NASH: Not really.
Q. How would you describe the mood out here today in terms of the intensity?
STEVE NASH: Same as always. We're pretty even keeled. I think that this team has fought out of a lot of tough spots this year. So we just gotta stick with it.
The only thing that's been frustrating, I don't think we've left it all to the last few nights, maybe guys were saving themselves because of fatigue. We can't afford to do that. (Inaudible) and worry about tomorrow when it comes.
Q. Do you feel like you'll get to see some of your teammates or is there anything you're sort of thinking about?
STEVE NASH: I am seeing them. I've been saying it at half time. I said it after the game. We'll see if we respond.
Q. What have you said?
STEVE NASH: Just that we gotta get back to what we do best and that's all I'm going to say. We haven't played the way we need to play.

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