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May 28, 2006

Steve Nash


Q. Steve, you guys in fast break points have gone from 32 to 21 to tonight 4. What has Dallas done defensively to slow you down in effect?
STEVE NASH: They're getting a good job getting back and transition. I don't know if fatigue is a factor for us, but we're not running like we need to. And, you know, everybody has got to be a little fatigued this time of year. We can't make that become an excuse and we can't give into that. We gotta keep going and try to make it work.
And, you know, it was a little frustrating not to see us really give the extra effort tonight.
Q. Steve, did you feel like you guys weren't swinging around the ball like you had been previously?
STEVE NASH: You know, I thought especially in the second half, we got caught too many times going one-on-one, and even when we did go one-on-one, you know, not looking to pass when we draw another defender. You know, I think that we're not as good a team when we play that way. We have to move the ball. We have to take advantage when the advantage is there. And sometimes the advantage isn't to score or to shoot always, it's to make a play for your teammates.
And I think tonight we didn't always make the game easy for us. We made it difficult. And too many times settled for one-on-one opportunities.
Q. Steve, late in the fourth quarter when you guys closed it within four you had a turnover there on your end. Looked like Tim was trying to give the ball to you, was it just miscommunication?
STEVE NASH: I think it got deflected. I think it just got deflected.
Q. Steve, where are you missing Raja the most right now?
STEVE NASH: Personally I think personality. You know, I just think we're out there with our shoulders slumped, and, you know, we're not smiling. We're not fighting. We're not, you know, playing with the necessary fire it takes to win. I mean I think that's the most disappointing thing is just the way we're going out there and playing.
I mean, we had a good first half in many respects, but in the second half it's one thing not to play great. It's another thing for everyone to get quiet and to kind of give in, and so I think we really miss his leadership, the way he plays, just by example, and how he fights and how he never gives in. You know, it would be easy to say his talent and the depth it would afford us, but more than anything I think just his toughness and his attitude.
Q. What happened late in the first half? You guys had such a big lead you could have dropped the hammer there on them late and they made a couple of buckets and that was really it?
STEVE NASH: Yeah, I think that was a bad stretch. We were up 11 and we went in up 5. And I think we just got carried away sometimes without making the extra pass, and it led to a couple turnovers. Led to a couple of tough shots instead of wide-open shots. And then they came down and made a few shots. You know, it's with our team, with the lack of depth and lack of size, we can't afford to go through stretches where we don't make the extra pass, where we, you know, don't play smart and make the game easy for ourselves. And we force it or play against the way our team needs to play. You know, we're not going to do well.
So I thought we had a little stretch right before the half that would have been great. Everything was going well for us. We could have stretched it to 15 instead of going in up five. So that was a key stretch for us.

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