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May 26, 2006

Steve Nash


Q. Steve, you had really led the charge in the first game with the come-back. What was different in this game that made you not put up a field goal in the second half until there were three seconds left?
STEVE NASH: In hindsight I would have maybe tried to be a little more aggressive, but I kept feeling like I was making the right play. There's two -- I was drawing two guys and passing to the open man, and you know that's the type of player I am. I try to make the right play and then when the right time comes you want to be really aggressive.
But, you know, the time never really came where I got the opportunities to be aggressive, and just have to be conscientious next time to learn from what happened today.
Q. Steve, I don't know what y'all's thoughts were game planning for Josh Howard, but how big a surprise was it for him to have a performance like that?
STEVE NASH: Yeah, we didn't do a great job on Josh. I think he had a really big game. He was extremely aggressive. He rebounded. And at least at some critical moments and made some plays. He made some threes tonight and played a good game. We really just need to match his energy and not make it not give him anything easy.
Q. Talk about the absence of Raja and was fatigue a factor at all in the fourth quarter?
STEVE NASH: I don't think fatigue was a factor. Maybe depth. It would be nice to have his abilities out there, obviously. He gives us more talent and depth. But we still had a great chance to win this game.
We didn't play great down the stretch. We missed some layups, some short jump shots and we missed some threes. And when you're going to win you gotta make the shots when it counts, and we just didn't make it tonight.
Q. Can you talk about Dirk's performance in the fourth quarter? He had like 14 points?
STEVE NASH: Well, I mean he's typical. Dirk's one of the best players in the game. So you know we expect that from him. And I think he's going to play a similar game to this in most games in the series. It's a matter of how we play.
We gotta just continue to try to improve and tweak what we do and get better at what we do and that's how we're going to win games.
Q. Steve, I know you're a great three-point shooting team, but do you think he got a little 3 happy in the last few minutes?
STEVE NASH: I don't know. I mean we shot 43 1/2 percent. So it's tough to say, yeah, maybe we could have taken it to the basket a couple times. But we're the type of team, we make a couple of those, and if you make two, it's like making three layups. So it's a tough call. Especially when we were kind of down five or six points, most of the time. So it's hard to second-guess that.
Q. Steve, can you just talk about getting the split down here and heading back to Phoenix?
STEVE NASH: Yeah, obviously a split's a pretty decent result here. But, you know, we were disappointed not to win this one. We felt like we had a great first half. Particularly great second quarter, and decent third quarter and just didn't play great in the fourth. But still mission somewhat accomplished to get one of these, and hopefully we'll play a little better at home.

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