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May 25, 2006

Steve Nash

DALLAS, TEXAS: Practice Day

Q. How was it to get a win last night?
STEVE NASH: It's obviously a great win for us. It's a great position to be in. I also realize that we're a little lucky to win. We made a lot of mistakes during the second half. And it's going to be a long series.
Q. How about the challenge of Raja may not be able to go. He said he'll still give it a try, but you won Game 6 in LA?
STEVE NASH: We did. I forgot about that. But it's tough. We played really short rotation and obviously he's such a huge player on our team that we'll really miss him. Hopefully it will be a short-term thing. But who knows, who knows when he's back. Hopefully he's back tomorrow, the next day, whenever. But we have to keep plugging away and we have to play better. We just have to be more efficient and be more determined.
Q. When the Mavericks talk about slowing down, do you slow down? Is that possible?
STEVE NASH: Well, I mean, of course. I mean it depends day-to-day you just gotta go out and compete. Some days you have good days. Some days you have bad days.
Just try your best to give yourself and your team a chance to win.
Q. You guys struggled in Game 2 in both the series and you lost here. A sense of urgency what you accomplished here can do that here or do you have to lay back?
STEVE NASH: Probably both. The teams are most dangerous when (inaudible) care-free attitude at the same time we have to realize that (inaudible) given an opportunity and we can't give away opportunities.
If we get beat we get beat, but we can't go out there and not play to the standard that's set by the series.
Q. You probably have to (inaudible) talk about not letting, trying to slow you down, trying to not let you guys shoot the (inaudible) maybe feel like you got them where you want?
STEVE NASH: I don't know. I think that we made a, Boris makes a tough shot or else you guys would be asking us those questions. I think it's ridiculous to get too carried away with who won the game. But obviously it could have gone either way. And the rest of the series will be the same way too.
Q. You said you guys need to be more efficient. How much more efficient can you be after scoring 20 points (inaudible)?
STEVE NASH: I think defensively we made a lot of mistakes. You know, we like to get back. There was a bunch of us, I think we turned it over more than usual. There are a lot of things we can improve on.
Q. Is that your game, is that the Suns game? Is that what you have to do?
STEVE NASH: Well, really have to stay with the three-point-shooters. We gotta take what they give us. We gotta play (inaudible) we just can't go through and bomb through with guys in our face we have to try to get to the basket.
Q. How concerned were you (inaudible) boards second chance points, what can you guys do to (inaudible)?
STEVE NASH: Well, we're a small team. And all year we've been outrebounded. We've won a lot of games (inaudible) it's important for us to just try to keep that discrepancy as small as possible.
Q. Obviously you -- is there a little something extra for you (inaudible) history in LA?
STEVE NASH: Not really. I think obviously for me, you know, this place is very special to me. (Inaudible) enjoyable, fun, exciting. (Inaudible) very special place for me and other than that I've got a new team now and I love it here I just try my best for my team try to help my team. The rest is just (inaudible).
Q. Steve, why was that pick-and-roll working so well last night. Was it different than what the Clippers --
STEVE NASH: The Clippers were traveling. Made my teammates play more and last night (inaudible) and just different philosophy and, you know, like I said, we won by one point on the last second shot and if we didn't then we'll be talking about something else.
We know this series is the one that will go a long way, one that's going to have a lot of ebb and flow and strategic changes.
Q. So does this mean -- does this carry you through the next days playing (inaudible)?
STEVE NASH: Well, I think we're always looking at (inaudible) you know, I think we gotta be balanced. If we can play both ends of the floor you have a better chance to win.
For us we're always looking for more, more balance, and hopefully we'll do a little better in Game 2.

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